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Scott John Schneider: Have you heard? Do you know the cause of Scott John Schneider’s demise? If you are not, then this article will provide all the details. Following such a loss, loved ones and the entire family are in mourning. This has been one of the most talked about stories in the United States.

Today’s article will cover all the information concerning Obituary Scott Schneider. For more information, please visit the blog.

Details On Scott Schneider Funeral:

According to reports, Scott’s funeral is set for Saturday 30th July at Blaney funeral home located at 1521 Shawano Avenue. Prayers will take place at 2PM. Scott’s life will be celebrated in Leny’s Tap, 431 N. Broadway street. Scott John Schneider has also been remembered by a memorial fund.

Everyone is in shock at the news of Scott John Schneider’s passing. Scott John Schneider died at 72 years old on 17 July 2022. Scott was born on 27th of July 1949. Obituary Scott Schneider The parents of Scott were John Schneider and Joyce Schneider. He had four siblings, and he was the youngest. We’ve shared more details about Scott Schneider’s personal life below.

Personal life of Scott Schneider:

Scott John Schneider was a 27-year-old man who had many notable career changes. For 23 years, he worked for the Northwestern and Chicago railroads. He then switched to real estate. Later, he became a Coldwell Banker and a Realtor for Skogg.

According to Obituary Scott Schneider he also founded and managed the Packerland appraisal. It has been in good hands since 2005. He is also a gifted storyteller and makes everyone laugh. He was a man of great virtues.

He was known to be a Milwaukee Brewers fan. Scott loves to spend quality time with his loved ones, in spite of all that. Scott was a bright and happy person. His sudden passing shocked everyone. His first wife, Barbara, had children. His second wife Claudia had one daughter and one son. Barbara, his first wife, was a mother to two children. Claudia, his second spouse, had one child and one boy. We provide more details about his funeral below.

Additional information about Obituary Scott Schneider

Scott John Schneider graduated in 1967 from Premontre High School. He later joined the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Claudia Lison was his spouse.

They were married on 19th November 1988. Scott, their 30 year marriage ended on 17 July 2022.


The funeral service has been well organized and will take place on Saturday. This article has all the details.

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