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Bojangles Lakewatch Read About Bojangles restaurant!

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Are you here to Learn about The drive-through fast-food series that’s situated in the United States? Well, if you are not from this region, then do not worry because we’ll let you know about the fast-food series in detail.

The Bojangles Lakewatch is a famous fast-food chain famous for its drive-through Service, but is that this restaurant’s service worth stopping? We’ll learn in this article.

About Bojangles restaurant

Is serving its client for around 40 decades. This restaurant is famous for its different kinds of flavourful chicken and refreshing beverages. Bojangles was found in 1977 and using its distinctive flavors, products made from scratch, and also the restaurant design, which can be joyous and fun.

The restaurant’s opening time is 6 am, and the final order time is 9 pm for weekdays and weekends; Bojangles is available until 10 pm.

Many branches in countries like Canada and lots of other countries and states. If you want to inspect the restaurant reviews, you can visit their official website and check the menu also.

Specification of Bojangles

· Location- 49 Lakewatch Center Drive, Dr Moneta VA 24121

· Famous for seasoned chicken and cold drinks

· Contact- 540 719-2248

· Have official accounts on Twitter and Facebook

· You can have the chance to join E-Club and revel in the offers by Bojangles restaurant.

· Featured menu are Cajun Filet Biscuits, family meals, and sandwiches

· Recommended for the people who wish to rest and have a meal while driving for a long time.

· Timing- 6 am to 9 pm for Monday to Thursday

· For Friday to Sunday- 6 am to 10 pm

When we check the testimonials relating to this Restaurant, we discovered that many people did not like this quick-service restaurant’s service. People complained about the team’s rude behavior and stated that the group is not polite at all.

Though few of these enjoy the Bojangles restaurant’s food and recommended people to visit it if you push near the location, the public’s perspectives give us mixed signals. Now it is upto you that you are able to visit Bojangles by yourself and have the flavor of their menu and the service of this staff.


With all the advice, we Can conclude that Bojangles Lakewatch is a wonderful restaurant with a few people’s mixed reviews and experience. However, you are able to try their support and check on your own whether this restaurant is a drive-through treat or just another fancy restaurant that merely focuses on the interior rather than on the ceremony.

If you or any of your friends have experienced the service and food of Bojangles, then discuss it with us at the comment section.

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