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Bosch Season 7: Bad News For The Production Of The New Season Of The Series

The Bosch season 7 production is facing serious problems right now, after several positive tests for COVID-19, which has stopped everything.

Bosch production was halted in the seventh and final season for a week, due to a positive COVID-19 test in the work team.

The positive test triggered procedures outlined by the state where the production takes place, including contact tracing. This led to production being stopped for seven days as a precaution.

Despite everything, production is scheduled to resume next Friday in Los Angeles, this does not seem to influence the schedule of the series premiere.

The production closures are becoming the daily bread for the different series and programs, due to positive tests in COVID-19, but, some only tend to close for days or weeks.

The Bosch series is Amazon’s first original drama series. It is the longest running original series on the platform by a wide margin, compared to other original series.

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