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Brutal clothing style – create a fashionable image for men!

Men who prefer brutal style are characterized by a solid inner core, self-sufficiency, a love of sports, and the need to get adrenaline. They appreciate freedom, welcome challenges in business and society, and don’t mind taking risks. It is their somewhat rebellious character that dictates the choice of clothing. The stereotypes that brutal style consists of an aggressively messy look, a neglected beard, and filthy shoes are long gone. In the modern world, one could get a men’s Philipp Plein T-shirt, stylish Diesel pants, or Nike sneakers. How can we create a fashionable image?

What kind of material do we select for our brutally styled clothing?

Comfort-seeking individuals select wardrobe pieces that accentuate their figure’s best attributes rather than restricting their motions. Wool, leather, denim, and cotton are possible primary materials. Rough or textured materials should be preferred to flowing ones. Fur is seldom used, mainly as a trim for hat`s and outerwear.

Color scheme characteristic of brutal style

The most popular color for this stylistic choice is black, but if you wear it all the way, you risk appearing gloomy. These days, authentic manufacturers provide a wide range of color options that let you create a stylish yet powerful look. Classic hues like blue, green, chrome, gray, and white should catch your attention. Avoid using prints and patterns, and use bright colors sparingly. Which clothes work well with a brutally masculine look?

When creating a look, combine various trends while adhering to minimalism. Add military, country, and rock culture elements.

What should you have in a stylish closet:

  • Torso emphasizing tight men’s Philipp Plein T-shirts with an inscription, graphic image, or a plain one.
  • A classic straight-cut or silhouette shirt with no decoration (but stand-out buttons are possible).
  • A leather jacket has become almost a symbol of brutality, but an elongated trench, jeans, bomber, parka, or long coat will look manly enough for this style.
  • Shoes should be pretty aggressive, like military or rough boots, sports sneakers, or classic shoes, depending on the ensemble of clothes the shoes will complement.
  • Headwear – look out for baseball caps, knitted hats, or those with fur trim.
  • Sweaters can be free longsleeves, as well as models with coarse knitting, a wide collar, and metal clasps. Also pay attention to the style of oversize with flattened sleeves or, on the contrary – fitted with elongated elements.
  • Pants are often reasonably narrow, but it is optional. Jeans with the effects of torn or minor scuffs will look good.

Brutal style allows you to express your individuality and emphasize a masculine image. Choosing clothes that match in color, style, material, and design is enough, and you will definitely succeed.

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