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Traveling is generally viewed as an opportunity to relax and enjoy brand-new experiences. We are all involved in traveling to minimize our stress so that we all enjoy our journey full of enjoyment. After all, who wants to waste their limited vacation time dealing with long lines, lost luggage, and other inconveniences? These kinds of impediments could cut into how much time we have to explore and enjoy our chosen area. The main concern of traveling is people’s safety and security. Traveling itself can be quite physically demanding especially for those carrying heavy bags or navigating unfamiliar places.

Are you dreaming of a priceless journey from the romantic streets of Paris to the charming canals of Amsterdam? Well, there is no more dream because this ultimate guide is here to turn your travel aspirations into reality. From the Eiffel Tower to the Anne Frank House, we will take you through a seamless and unforgettable journey with the Trainline.

Why do people prefer to go by train?

When traveling by train, the specified security and boarding are much faster and simpler, the luggage limitations will also go away and there is easily twice as much leg room on a train in the lowest class. Trains are proven to be an affordable choice and trips are considered to be lengthy trips. The cost of trains can also be considered very affordable and frequent travelers, senior citizens, and mainly students frequently qualify for discounts. The ability to walk around the train, and use a dining or lounge car throughout the journey is also considered to be a better advantage.

While traveling, you don’t have to worry about the size of your liquids or any other material or whether your bag fits a certain dimension to carry it. Train routes pass through fantastic places where cars and buses will pass through just roads. The benefit of traveling by train is that you may admire adventurous views without driving and also in a comfortable seat. In addition to admiring the views from the train window, the journey is an opportunity to document your travels.

Top Attractions in Amsterdam

When you are planning to travel to Amsterdam, there are some famous attraction points you need to explore:

  • Nemo Science Mueseum– In Amsterdam, one of the best activity places for kids is the Nemo Science Mueseum. On the inside of the huge green building that looks like a mastless chip, young and old discover interactive activities and the evolution of science through history. Some curious minds will also love the chance to connect a series of chemistry experiments or play around with the engineering behind the developing buildings.
  • Albert Cuyp Market– The Albert Cuyp market began as a gathering of various street vendors in the early 20th century. This market runs every day of the week except Sunday. This market also continues to shift based on the demand of the consumers and hence, people will be able to explore the various demands offered by the shoppers.
  • Artis Zoo– Artis Zoo may be small but is considered one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. This zoo is set on the canal side in the neighborhood of Oost. It also has an aquarium, a planetarium, and a microbe museum on the Earth. Generally, kids will love many wild animals like big cats, giraffes, and elephants. In this zoo, you can come with families for a picnic or a BBQ within the zoo boundaries. While in the summertime, this zoo also has some music performances and special tours.
  • Vondelpark– Vondelpark is a great and famous largest park in Amsterdam. You can visit on a bike. With a guided bicycle tour, the guide will inform you about its history and show you each and every corner of it. Always try to book this tour through our Amsterdam bicycle tour webpage. It is considered a place where people feel relaxed, play sports in the park, and enjoy the park’s available facilities.
  • Canals of Amsterdam– The canals were designed as a way to manage the city’s growing population and served as a means of transportation for goods and people. It is the capital and the principal center of the Netherlands. This is also known for its historical attractions, its great art, and the distinctive color and flavor of its old sections which have been well preserved. Amsterdam has more than 100km of canals in the whole city which covers around 1300km more than Venice.

For a great and convenient trip by train, try to book your tickets on time by using to avail the best offers. Generally, The train from Paris to Amsterdam usually takes 4 hours and 37 minutes and each day around 13 trains run on this route with the fastest train service taking only 3 hours and 19 minutes. You will also be traveling with Euro’s high-speed trains. For a great and convenient trip by train, try to book your tickets on time by visiting the Trainline website to avail the best offers.

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