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3 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Verified & Real)

Are you a small business owner or a budding content creator who wants to make big on Instagram? The social networking application is the 4th most-used platform, and it makes sense why you have chosen it for your big career break. But the photo- and video-sharing platform is a huge, huge sea – it has over 2 billion users globally – and it’s easy for your account to get lost in this sea of accounts.

There’s a saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” which holds true for this platform. You have no future on the platform if you don’t have a sufficient online presence. So, how can you make yourself visible? The first thing to do is to increase “engagement on your posts.”

The more the number of comments on your profile, the more chances it has to appear in searches or on people’s timelines. Growing your profile is a Herculean task and requires a lot of time. Users will have thanked their stars when they come to know that there are social media service providers that offer real engagement on your posts. We’re here to help you identify the three best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Are you a little hesitant to use them, and do you think this may result in Instagram flagging your account? Well, there’s nothing to worry about! These service providers use legit ways to boost your account. This article mentions the three best sites to buy Instagram comments. Let’s have a look:

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

  1. Media Mister

Media Mister is a 100%-safe service producer that helps you increase engagement on your Instagram posts. They provide various packages that allow you to buy Instagram likes, followers, views, mentions, saves, profile visits, etc. Their most-attractive feature is fast delivery. The stipulated time depends on the package you buy. 

Their custom Instagram comments have a personal touch, which allows you to build a connection with your audience – leading to your business growth. They also realize how some users are wary of online payments and use SSL-encrypted servers to offer secure payment methods to our customers.

Users hesitate to buy Instagram comments because they want to avoid having bot-like replies on their posts. With Media Mister, you don’t have to worry about that. Media Mister will ensure that you have a real comment on the post that can let you increase engagement on it. The replies will be written with the help of authentic accounts, and they will be relevant to your post.

  1. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is the safest place to purchase Instagram comments. Setting up a strong Instagram account whose online presence is felt across all social media platforms is an investment. And buying GetAFollower packages will ensure that your money hasn’t gone to waste. They have reached heights of popularity mainly due to our affordable prices. 

They offer Instagram likes, impressions, mentions, post reach, saves, and profile visits in addition to comments/replies. They also consider the user’s safety and don’t ask for passwords or other login details – all you have to do is give your post URL.

At GetAFollower, they understand Instagram in and out, and they have designed its affordable packages to help you take advantage of the platform to the maximum. Once you’ve bought their package, you can sit comfortably at home and observe how fast your account grows. They also offer a money-back guarantee to make our customers more confident in our services. All comments will be genuine (made by real accounts). You won’t have to think about getting your account flagged.

  1. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a one of the best site to buy real Instagram comments. They understand how a genuine comment on an Instagram post makes or breaks the profile. Not only do they create real or genuine-looking comments, but we also pay attention to how much relevant a comment is to the original post. We have a rating of above four on Trustpilot, which is an independent site for views. Happy buyers have praised their impressive customer service and have shown trust in the services offered.

The delivery time of Buy Real Media is fast. Their standard package lets you have around in 1-2 days. Once you have bought their services, you can sit back and relax! They will take care of your profile and ensure that it’s getting attention and appearing on the timelines of the targeted audience. Another important factor is that the offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you know your money is safe.

There are two types of posting: one-off posting and automatic posting. In the former, they will post once – according to the details you send. In the latter, your package will renew automatically, and we will post comments according to your preferences shared earlier. You will be charged after your first package expires, and Buy Real Media will keep posting comments on your posts. 

Profiles that have high engagement rates appear more on searches. This investment will help you turn your account to be stronger. 

How to Buy Instagram Comments?

You agree that your Instagram account/profile is essential to your business or brand. If you’re an influencer, your audience will see what people are saying about you – or how they react to your posts. 

We’ve already talked about the well-known and reliable sites that can help you increase the number of comments on your posts. Here, we’ll go a step further and see crucial factors you need to consider when buying a package. 

Choose Reliable Service Provider

There’re so many companies that sell likes, followers, comments, etc., to aspiring Instagrammers. In the cluster of these businesses, some fake setups provide shoddy services and are only in the business to mint money from people. How can you tell if a site is genuine? The first thing to look at is a site’s reviews. If it has a list of satisfied customers, you can trust them with your profile.

Also, a reason for choosing a reliable service provider is that they post genuine comments. Companies with low ratings usually sell irrelevant and bogus comments that the Instagram algorithm detects as fake. Comments from bots or fake or inactive accounts increase the risk of your account suspension. The best thing is to go with those Instagram service providers who offer to provide comments that don’t seem AI-generated – and you should opt for those who provide a money-back guarantee.

Comments from Verified Accounts

Instagram recently did a little “cleaning” across its platforms. Many influencers reported that they witnessed a significant drop in their follower. The photo-sharing app did so to remove bots from the platform. Bots or fake accounts create a nuisance and negatively impact user experience. 

It would help if you were careful when buying Instagram comments from a service provider. The site you choose should guarantee that it will provide content from verified accounts. A good thing about this feature is that you will have comments with some human touch. Such comments attract your target audience too, and there’s a possibility that more people will engage with your posts.

Wide Variety of Packages

Do you want ten comments on your posts? Or do you want to have a thousand comments to boost your profile? What is your marketing budget? Do you want to take it slow and see if there’s any scope for developing a long business relationship with the service provider to get real engagement on your posts? The answers to these questions determine which package is suitable for you. 

Service providers have different types of packages, and each allows you to buy the number of comments according to your needs. For instance, you can ask for five comments in 2 days or 25 comments in 2 days. Then, you will have to decide on the frequency of the posts. If you want the site to space out the replies, you must give all the details. 

Guaranteed Refund

Genuine companies don’t shy away from their responsibility. They know they have to deliver what they promise, so they ensure their services are up to the mark. Many companies take pride in offering their clients a 30- to 60-day money-back guarantee. It helps them gain the trust of their followers. 

A distinct feature of genuine service provides for buying Instagram comments is that they offer a money-back guarantee. They will refund your money if they fail to provide the promised number of companies. This feature tells how confident a service provider regarding its services is. Always go with such companies where your money is secure.

Refill Guarantee

You all know what a “refill” option is. We’ve all asked the cashier at our favorite food outlet to get a coke refill. It is almost the same. Suppose you have 1,000 followers on your page at a time when you approached a service provider for its services. You buy a package where the site promises to provide an additional 1,000 followers, bringing your total to 2,000.

However, if your follower count drops below the 2,000 mark, the service provider will be responsible for bringing it back up to the promised level. It helps you retain your followers, and don’t worry about being duped by companies that use fake accounts or bots to fill their orders. Don’t forget to look into these things when you’re out shopping for your Instagram comments.

Aren’t all these steps easy to follow? What if we tell you, you can pay a service provider for all of this on your behalf? Service providers like GetAFollower, Buy Real Media, and MediaMister are here to help you make your online journey more successful in a short time. 

Investing in service providers will help you build a strong profile on Instagram. More follower count, genuine comments on posts, etc., will make you more credible in the eyes of users. And since you have a money-back guarantee, your investment is safe.

How to Increase Comments on Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram is a game of engagement. You will have to hold the attention of your audience for a long time to keep growing. In addition to relying on a top-notch service provider to get a series of comments on your posts, you can also try these tried-and-tested methods to increase engagement organically. Since getting organic comments takes a lot of time, it’s recommended that you look for a site that works as a catalyst to help you remain at the top.

Ask for Comments

Alright, we agree; it does look like a matter-of-fact statement. Hear us out! You will have to add posts that ask for something interesting from followers. If you’re a travel blogger, you can ask your followers about the cities they want to visit. You can also ask them about the most-Instagrammable spot they find during their travels. 

Similarly, if you are a lifestyle blogger, you can ask your followers about their favorite outlets to shop from or any funny/embarrassing stories they have relating to a brand. If you’re a finance blogger, you can ask followers about the topics they want you to cover. The key is to keep engaging with followers and give them something unique and interesting for them to stay on your page. If your posts/reels are basic, your followers will eventually lose interest.

Host a Contest

Another great way to keep people glued to your profile is through contests. How do they work? Well, you ask followers to “comment on your posts” or “tag their friends on your posts” to participate in a contest and enter a chance to win exciting gifts. You can also add some Easter eggs to your posts and ask your followers to spot them.

If you post reels, you can ask your audience questions related to the reels – for instance, how many times you said a particular word or what you wore in a particular scene. You can also post “relatable” content, asking followers to tag their friends or people they know who resembles the person described in the post. 

Post Interesting Content

People come to Instagram to relax and unwind. They want to stay on your page only if there’s something for them to appreciate. There’s no formula for creating interesting content. You will have hits and misses, and it will tell you which post is being appreciated by your followers. 

Interesting content can be anything. If you’re a business, you can talk about how you came up with the idea of starting the business and what challenges you faced over the years. Content creators can talk about their past and how their experiences shape them. Such stories that have some form of human connection can help you get the attention of your followers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Comments on Instagram?

There’s no definite price for the packages. It depends on what your requirements are and how many comments you want. You can buy between 5 and 1,000 comments or more. You can also have one-off posting or can opt for automatic posting. All of these options affect the final price of your package. A simple package starts from $2.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Comments?

Yes! If you’re buying comments from reliable sources, it’s an extremely safe transaction. These companies provide genuine comments that come with a personal touch, which means that they are not flagged by Instagram. Always go with a reliable service provider.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has upped its game over the few years. It has become a one-stop destination for people who want to shop, get entertained, or have a casual chat with their friends. As the number of accounts increase, the probability of your account slipping down the timeline with each “refresh” is high. 

You want to be in the game all the time – that’s what the rules of social media are. In that case, it’s important to get the help of any service provider that offers 100%-genuine Instagram comments. This article has outlined the best three sites that provide top-notch services to their customers. They are safe, and their packages are available at affordable rates.

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