Buying Guide for Memory Foam Pillows

Initially developed by NASA in 1966, memory foam was designed to distribute pressure evenly around astronauts’ bodies when they were facing gravity pressures while departing and reentering the atmosphere. Over the years, it has been used for a variety of purposes, including pillows, mattresses, and bed toppers.

Memory Foam Pillows

A memory foam pillow differs from the other pillows on the market in that it is made of visco-elastic (polyurethane) foam that has had certain chemicals added in order to increase the weight and density, resulting in a different molecular composition from that of other foams.

The Memory Foam Pillow Difference

There are many benefits to sleeping on a memory foam pillow, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting pillow that offers both softness and support at the same time. In addition to that, if you have a sensitive neck and would like to avoid sleeping with pressure building up on any one area of your neck, you may be able to benefit from a memory foam pillow because viscoelastic foam is able to distribute weight and pressure beautifully.

The other characteristic of memory foam is that it is temperature-sensitive. As soon as your body heat penetrates the pillow, it will gradually soften and mould around your body, taking into account the pressure points on your body as it enters your sleep. If you do this, you will be able to nestle into your pillow rather than simply lying on top of it, as you would normally do.

Memory Foam Pillow Review

On the internet, there are many memory foam pillow reviews that can be extremely helpful. Look for comments about the quality and longevity of the foam, in particular. Generally, cheap memory foam pillows are made of substandard foam that won’t spring back or recover like a higher quality memory foam. When reading reviews, keep in mind that “the right pillow” is a subjective topic, so what may be ideal for one customer may not be appropriate for you. 

The Best Memory Foam Pillow

Choosing the best memory foam pillow will depend on what is most suitable for your body type. However, there are some universal factors to consider. It is ideal to find a balance between firmness and weight. You may not feel comfortable and supported if the pillow is too heavy. You can feel as if you are lying on heavy dough, or in quicksand, with thick, heavy memory foam. On the other hand, if the pillow is too light, it won’t support you adequately and won’t last as long. At Arrontop, as the manufacturer of memory foam pillows, their mission is to design and produce pillows that give you a good night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Memory foam pillows are so comfortable that many people can’t sleep without them.  Most people take a memory foam travel pillow away with them since the soft, comforting support of memory foam far outweighs the feeling of most hotel pillows!

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers: A Useful Addition

If you have chosen the right memory foam pillow for you, you should sleep on a mattress that is also appropriate, supportive, and comfortable for your body. If your mattress is still in good shape, there is no need to buy a brand-new mattress just because you have purchased a pillow. Your bedding may also benefit from a memory foam mattress topper! To help support your body and alleviate any pressure points, you simply place the topper on top of your mattress. In addition to providing years of comfort, memory foam mattress toppers save you money by saving you from having to purchase a new mattress.

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