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Cadbury World Scam What’s the Cadbury Scam?

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Cadbury World has been warning its customers to be aware of the new phishing scam that claims to offer Cadbury World festive chocolate hampers in return for financial information.

According to a social media post, Cadbury World has offered free chocolate hampers in celebration of its 126th anniversary. Targeted are those in the United Kingdom. The scam claims to offer chocolate lovers free hampers.

Don’t let the Cadbury World Scam fool you. Learn what to do if you find such a post on social media.

What’s the Cadbury Scam?

Social media posts claim that Cadbury celebrates its 126th anniversary and will distribute free chocolate hampers to those who share the link. It is a new scam that has been spreading on social media, targeting residents of the United Kingdom in order to steal their financial and personal details.

In exchange for addresses and bank details, the scammer claims that she will send Cadbury chocolate hampers free of charge. The Cadbury World Scam message comes from Anna Burton. She claims to be the regional manager of Cadbury World.

It claims that Cadbury World is celebrating its 126th anniversary and will send Cadbury Hampers to everyone who shares the post or comments. The scam message also contains a link to redirect users to a fraudulent website, where they must enter their bank details and address. The link can only be followed by one person at a given time.

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The Truth of Cadbury World Scam

Cadbury World’s social media post is fake. It is a scam, according to many pointers.

  • Cadbury World, located in Birmingham, is not a company that offers free chocolate hampers. It was established on the 14th of August 1990, making it only 30 years old. Cadbury was founded in 1824, which is at least 197 years old. In both cases, there is no substitute for the 126th anniversary. Don’t fall for the Cadbury World Scam message.
  • Cadbury Birmingham owns and operates Cadbury World, with no regional manager. Anna Burton claims to be the regional manager of Cadbury World. This is a complete fraud.
  • This link takes you to a suspicious website and has nothing to do Cadbury’s official website.
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How can you protect yourself from scammers?

  • Scammers frequently make errors and misspellings in scam messages. To find errors, make sure to carefully review the Cadbury World Scam message.
  • Verify the brand, logo, and other details.
  • Do not click on links that aren’t associated with the brand if you are asked.
  • Report scam messages to Action Fraud Department at 0300-123-2040, or online.


Cadbury is a well-known brand and many scammers use it to commit frauds. Cadbury World Scam targets many people in the UK. You can be safe by following the tips above.

Are you a victim of such scam messages? What steps have you taken to protect yourself? Do you have any other suggestions?

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