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Cash App 10th Anniversary Survey The Truth in Cash App 10th Anniversary Survey Scam

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Are you getting messages that claim to contain rewards for taking part in the online Cash App Survey? It is scammy!

Users of the Cash App in the United States get messages with a link via messenger. To complete the online survey, recipients are encouraged to click the link. This is the latest scam that’s online and must not be trusted.

Scammers claim that this is the 10th Anniversary Survey. They will get rewards if they complete it. This scam must be avoided.

What is a Cash App?

Square Cash Inc. has registered Cash App as a mobile payment service. It allows users send, receive and spend money and also save it. It is a fast, secure, and free mobile banking application.

The mobile app’s services are available in the UK and the United States. It has a total of 36 million active users. The first launch of the service occurred on 15 OCT 2013. In 2015, businesses were able to use the services. In 2018, BitCoin trading was also added to the platform’s horizon.

The Truth in Cash App 10th Anniversary Survey Scam

The Cash App message with survey link and Cash App message is a new scam being circulated via messengers. Many factors support this claim. Let’s find out why this claim is a scam.

  • Cash app is the mobile payment portal that was launched as Square Cash in 2013. This means that the app is only eighteen years old, considering its launch date. The link to the 10th Anniversary survey link is not allowed when the company is just eight years old. The Cash App 10th Anniversary Survey link is a scam.
  • According to user comments, the message looks like a scam with the Cash App logo. Some users have clicked on the link and completed the online survey. Answering the question does not result in anything. The survey conducts an IP scan and determines if you have good IP. After taking the survey, there are no rewards.
  • Additionally, the company has not confirmed anything about the 10th Anniversary Survey messages. Therefore, it is possible that this new scam is being circulated online.
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What do the recipients of messages have to say?

After reviewing, we discovered a few comments left by Cash App 10th anniversary Survey message recipients. The survey is completely free. There are no prizes or gifts after you complete it.

They confirmed that they had received a message containing the Cash App logo as well as a suspicious URL. They are instructed to click the link and complete the survey. After the survey is completed, IP search begins. They receive a message telling them that they are on good IP.

This seems like a scam that must be avoided.


Cash App is the popular mobile banking application that is safe, fast, and secure. To steal personal details, scammers send Cash Application 10th Anniversary Survey emails to random numbers. The Cash App logo is used to circulate the message on the messenger app. These scam messages should be deleted and you must not click any links or share personal information.

Do you have any information regarding the scam? If so, please leave a comment.

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