Call Of Duty Gaming Desk: Precision L-shaped With Monitor Shelf

Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes in America and beyond. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA’s) 2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry, 68% of American adults and 70% of U.S kids aged 18 and below are gamers. Gamers are increasingly interested in creating perfect gaming setups, whether they play professionally or as a pastime. Indeed, it would be best if you had the right gaming PC, an ideal headset, a great controller, appropriate gaming LED monitor, and a good mouse and keyboard to enjoy your gaming experience. Additionally, you need a comfortable gaming desk like the Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped gaming desk to keep you comfortable during your gaming sessions. In this post, we’ll talk about the precision L-shaped desk and why it is the ultimate gamer’s companion.

Why You Need A Specialized Gaming Desk

All desks may seem equal; after all, they can support whatever you place on them. Therefore, you may be wondering why you need a specialized gaming desk when you can use your regular home office desk or kitchen table for the task. However, professional gamers always prefer great gaming computer desks like Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped desks over normal alternatives because of their many advantages.

For starters, dedicated gaming desks have top-notch ergonomics and comfort, two things all gamers want in their setup to enhance their gaming experience. Gaming desks also have an immense load-bearing capacity and are more durable than their counterparts. As such, they can support the weight of high-end monitors and other accessories better than normal desks.

Dedicated gaming desks are also spacious and have more storage than standard desks. For instance, an L- shaped computer desk has a tabletop designed to give a lot of space to organize your gaming accessories. Finally, gaming desks are adjustable, allowing you to play at a height that matches your line of sight. This way, you will not have to compromise your posture or feel any strain while gaming, two things that may not be possible with normal gaming desks.

The Eureka Ergonomics Precision L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomics recently became an official licensed Activision partner for Call of Duty gaming desks, mouse pads, chairs, and other accessories. Therefore, their L-shaped desk is definitely one you will be highly interested in if you constitute the 400 million people who have played a Call of Duty game at least once. Every design choice was made to offer Call of Duty, and other first-person shooter games fans the best and most immersive experience.

This L-desk can fit perfectly against a wall in your gaming room or office corner. In addition, it comes with an adjustable keyboard tray as an added alternative and magnet cable management ties, providing for the common needs of a gamer. However, this L-shaped computer desk is an officially licensed Call of Duty unit, so you are not wrong to guess that its added features are what make it truly stand out. The precision L-shaped desk has an ergonomic monitor stand, a built-in headphone hook, and controllable RGB lighting. Additionally, it has a gaming mouse pad, smart height adjustment controller, 4 adjustable leveling feet, and a metallic side cable management system.

Furthermore, this L-shaped gaming desk has a large surface area. Its carbon fiber surface is about 60-inches wide and 39-inches deep, so there is enough space for your gaming mouse and keyboard. Also, this unit’s unique L shape allows gamers to make the most of their corner space while offering enough room to store figurines, accessories, devices, and peripherals that may make their gaming experience more comfortable. In addition, it has a 38-inch wide monitor riser at the top that permits you to fix two monitors for a great dual-display setup. Finally, the base of this gaming table is made of high-quality aluminum, so it can accommodate about 220 pounds of weight. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your setup crashing down due to weight.

What Puts This Gaming Desk Head And Shoulders Above Its Peers?

Eureka Ergonomics’ Precision L-shaped Call of Duty gaming desk with monitor shelf stands out from its peers for various reasons:

  • Smooth mouse movement

The included Warzone mouse pad is made from smooth, high-precision material that ensures gliding mouse movement and accurate tracking. Hardcore Call of Duty and first-person shooter game fans are always concerned about their mouse sensitivity to avoid losing control. Consequently, it is the perfect addition to the ultimate battle station because it allows you to remain accurate through the most intense gameplay.

  • Create the perfect ambiance

The Precision L-shaped gaming desk also has controllable RGB lighting beneath the monitor shelf. Therefore, you can create the perfect ambiance in your gaming area and change it as you wish to elevate your gaming experience.

  • Rotatable keyboard trays

Every gamer has undoubtedly had to stick to one sitting position to best enjoy their keyboards in their gaming journey. Fortunately, sleek and modern gaming desks like Eureka Ergonomics’ L desk have rotatable keyboard trays. As such, you can adjust your keyboard as you wish, irrespective of what sitting position you deem most comfortable. This adjustment will not in any way harm the gaming experience.

  • Perfect stability

This L-shaped desk’s 4 adjustable leveling feet ensure that you can always find perfect stability, even in areas with uneven floor surfaces.

  • Clutter-free gaming

This desk’s built-in headphone hook, side cable management system, and magnetic cable ties make it easy to create a clutter-free gaming environment.

  • No need for overnight charging

The L-shaped gaming desk has two USB charging points that you can use to charge your controller while gaming. This way, you don’t need to charge your controller overnight and interrupt your gaming experience.

  • Standing-height adjustability

This unit can become an L-shaped standing desks when you need it to be. As such, you can stand comfortably and make it through those long and tiring gaming marathons. This feature also makes the Call of Duty Precision L-shaped desk ideal for remote working, even though it is a gaming desk.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, Eureka Ergonomics’ Precision L-shaped gaming desk is versatile and comfortable enough to make your gaming sessions more wholesome. Therefore, seeking an affordable but top-notch L-shaped computer desk is ideal.

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