Can Thanos Beat Galactus?

Thanos and Galactus are the two powerful entities of the Marvel Universe. Both of these creatures have their abilities and powers. Thanos and Galactus have threatened their lives many times. Because of the destruction caused by their superpowers, they are Celestial beings. Because of Thanos’s incredible abilities, he is a worthy rival. It believes that Thanos is more powerful than Galactus. However, the outcome of the fight between Galactus and Thanos can change if Thanos gives his iconic piece of clothing – the Infinity Gauntlet.

Powers Of Thanos Vs. Galactus

Thanos is good at combat and a natural-born military leader. His strength and power level are incredible, and his stamina and speed are invulnerable. Thanos is unbelievingly intelligent; that ability makes him hard for psychic attacks. He is a titan and a Demi-god; this makes him the worst opponent against his rivals. The powers of Thanos have no limit with the Infinity Gauntlet.

On the other hand, Galactus has infinite cosmic powers. He has endless enthusiasm for devouring a new world. Galactus can create and destroy matter so that he can resurrect himself quickly.

Can Thanos Defeat Galactus?

Thanos can defeat Galactus with all his six Infinity Stones. He can defeat Galactus with one or two stones, but it depends on the Galactus’s power level at the time of the attack. At that moment, Thanos could figure out the best attack method with the help of Time Stone. On the other hand, if Thanos had only the Power Stone, he would try to beat down Galactus with raw strength.

On the other hand, the final effect of the battle with Galactus may turn a victory into a defeat. Galactus was created at the start of the universe by Eternity, and Galactus believes as a universal constant. An embodiment of destruction is in Galactus, so if Galactus were killed, it caused the release of the embodiment, or they led to the release of a Villain known as Abraxas, who is the destroyer of the world.

Does Thanos Is Powerful Enough To Beat The Galactus?

In the fight between Galactus and Thanos, Thanos beat Galactus and a dozen other cosmic characters with his Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos and Galactus fought before the Galactus barged him. While Thanos has all his six Infinity stones, he can defeat Galactus with one or two stones. Thanos can easily beat the Galactus with the help of his Infinity Gauntlet.

During the conflict between Galactus and Thanos, the Silver Surfer headed to turn Galactus’s energy-draining machines on Galactus himself, weakening him. So Galactus died with the caution that the madness that consumed him started another greater horror.


Thanos and Galactus both have extraordinary superpowers. Galactus has the incredible power to destroy the world; however, he could destroy the planet. On the other hand, Thanos has his six Infinity Gauntlet, with which he can easily defeat Galactus. However, it depends on the Galactus’s energy and power level at the attack time.

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