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Can You Grow Plants with an LED Light?

Climate change has made growing plants outdoors challenging for many people. But a person can grow those same plants indoors with the right setup and lighting. If a person has the space, they can set up the ideal environment for a limited number of plants. It is important to choose the correct plant to grow and then manage their environment with lighting, airflow, moisture control, odor control, and more.

Growing Plants Discretely

One solution is to purchase a plant-growing system that is well-contained and discrete. A company located in North Dakota called Primal Growth Gear has growing tents of various sizes that provide the perfect atmosphere for growing different types of plants. These kits come with everything a grower needs for success.

These kits are self-contained and close up so no light or odors will escape. They come in different sizes, so a person can match the size to the pace they have available. These kits are ideal for beginners who want to grow plants but are not sure what equipment and materials they need to get started.

Growing Plants Indoors Requires Proper Set Up and Lighting

There are more and more people who are choosing to grow crops indoors for better control and higher yields no matter what the weather outside is. Abandoned warehouses, garages, barns, storage containers, and specially built places are being used to grow commercial crops indoors. A person wanting to grow plants indoors must take the time to learn what crops are best grown indoors and what equipment and setup are needed for success.

Indoor gardens can be as small as an herb garden in the kitchen or they can fill a large building with crops to sell. Indoor growing systems can be soil-based or water-based (hydroponic). Some people choose to purchase a small indoor garden kit to get an idea about how to grow plants indoors. Then, they try larger indoor gardening adventures.

All indoor gardens have the same basic requirements.

  • The room or building to grow plants
  • Furniture and trays for seeds and plants
  • Grow lights such as LED lighting
  • Pots and containers
  • Plant nutrients
  • Water source and control
  • Grow room control equipment

The exact supplies needed will depend on what type of crops will be grown, the space available to grow plants, and the system such as soil or hydroponic that will be used to grow the plants. Budget will also play an important role in indoor garden setup. One important decision is deciding on the type of lighting to use for the healthiest plants.

Why Use LED Lights?

Plants need lighting that has light waves of red and blue to help their phytochromes and cryptochromes manage leafy growth and plant response to light. Getting both colors from light encourages better plant growth and yields.

LED lights cost more to set up but last longer and require lower amounts of energy to run. Their bulbs are stronger and harder to damage. LED bulbs run cooler and have no lead, mercury, or gas.


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