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Discover the Must Have Items for Achieving Optimal Speech Therapy Results!

Whether you’re a professional or new to the world of speech therapy, having a selected collection of items is essential to create an engaging and effective learning experience. With over twenty years of experience in this field I have identified a range of items that play a role in achieving success.

This comprehensive guide explores a curated selection of items, each serving a purpose in maximizing the outcomes of speech therapy sessions. Join on this journey through the essential items for optimal speech therapy results. Witness how these chosen instruments transform each session into an interactive and impactful learning experience.

Clickers for Tracking Progress

One tool that has revolutionized our approach to therapy is handheld tally clickers. We acquired these devices five years ago. They never cease to amaze us with their ability to motivate children by encouraging them to surpass their expected repetitions.

Interactive Communication Tubes

If you work with children in speech pathology chances are you’ve come across these communication tubes. Not only do they serve as reinforcers and provide valuable auditory feedback but they also make speech therapy enjoyable, for kids.

Versatile Dixie Cups and Cute Miniature Animals

Dixie cups have always been a go to, in therapy sessions offering possibilities for stacking, hiding and even crushing. When combined with the animals from the Rainforest Dinosaur and Savanna packs they create a dynamic duo that adds excitement to any therapy session.

Suction Cup Friends for Repetition

Incorporating fun into therapy with suction cup toys this set of monster aliens ( unavailable on Amazon) guarantees plenty of repetitions. Stick them indoors or outdoors to create an engaging therapy experience.

The Advantage of Blue Tape

As someone who has used tape in therapy for years I can confidently say it’s a winner (except for one incident). This indispensable tool should definitely be in your therapy toolbox.

Rolling Success with Blue Tracks

The Blue Track has taken the therapy world by storm as it allows for setups that encourage repetitions. Its flexibility combined with the excitement of cars, marbles and balls make it an activity that I frequently use in my sessions.

Dot Markers and Sound Cues to Keep Sessions Engaging

Dot markers are a timeless favorite that keep hands busy while ensuring we achieve our goal, in speech therapy—lots of repetitions.Adding cues to the session creates a level of engagement.

Magical Magnatiles; Endless Possibilities

Although they may be a bit more expensive, Magna Tiles are definitely worth the investment. They are a choice, for both building and pretend play offering a set of 100 tiles that can be used for various activities. If budget is a concern Picasso Tiles could be an option to consider.

High Repetition Excitement with Popping

Recently integrated into the therapy toolkit, push pop popper mats are gaining popularity. Bringing a dynamic element to sessions, they prove ideal for repetitions—effectiveness meets affordability.

Tech-Savvy Engagement with Digital Finger Tally Clickers

Encountering digital finger tally clickers introduces a tech-savvy dimension to therapy sessions. These clickers foster engagement and create a platform to assess speech skills, adding a contemporary touch to the sessions.


Concluding a two-decade journey in speech therapy, it’s evident that the selected items consistently enhance sessions. From clickers to the possibilities offered by blue tracks, each item plays a unique role in promoting speech development.

Whether using items like dot markers or exploring trends like popper mats, the ultimate goal remains unchanged: making learning enjoyable through repetitive practice. 

As the field of speech therapy progresses, these items, combining contemporary approaches, serve as partners in creating sessions that are not only educational but also filled with joyful exploration. Cheers to years of transformative and engaging speech therapy experiences!

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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