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Unleash Your Inner Artist With Canadian Diamond Drills

Canadian Diamond Drills specializes in providing high-quality diamond painting kits, and supplies designed to empower artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts to elevate their projects with precision and finesse. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creativity, they have become a trusted name in the world of diamond painting. 

Based in Langley, British Columbia, Canadian Diamond Drills has a limited stock of their kits. However, customers who want a sold-out design can order them through the customs page on their website. 

Canadian Diamond Drills has everything you need for diamond painting

If you are a Canadian looking for affordable diamond painting kits, Canadian Diamond Drills is here to help. Many Canadians know that ordering from other countries means paying more than the item costs due to currency exchange rates, shipping rates, and customs fees. Canadian Diamond Drills offers worldwide shipping; all orders ship within 5 business days unless it is a custom order. 

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a form of art and craft that involves creating a mosaic-like image using small, resin or plastic “diamonds” or rhinestones. These diamonds are often facetted to resemble the appearance of real diamonds. The process is similar to paint-by-number or cross-stitch, but artists use these small, sparkly “diamonds” to create intricate and colourful designs instead of using paint or thread.

What you need for diamond painting


Diamond painting kits usually include a canvas with a pre-printed design, a colour-coded chart similar to a paint-by-number guide, small bags of coloured diamonds, a stylus tool, a wax pad or putty, and a tray for organizing the diamonds. 

How to use a diamond painting kit

Creating the design

The canvas comes with a printed adhesive layer, often covered by a protective film. The design is marked with numbered or lettered codes corresponding to the colours of diamonds provided in the kit.  

Placing the diamonds

Using the stylus tool, artists pick up individual diamonds and place them on the corresponding symbols on the canvas—the diamond sticks to the adhesive surface. As the painting progresses, the canvas transforms into a stunning, glittering artwork. Once finished, the protective film will be completely removed, and the artwork can be framed or displayed. 

The benefits of diamond painting

Attention to detail

Diamond painting requires patience and attention to detail, as each diamond must be placed accurately to create a clear and vivid image. 

Therapeutic and relaxing

Many people find diamond painting to be a relaxing, and meditative activity. It can help reduce stress and anxiety. 


Diamond painting is an accessible activity for people of a range of skill levels, including beginners. The colour-coded charts and pre-printed canvases make it an easy-to-follow craft. 

Canadian Diamond Drills has an unwavering commitment to quality and a passion for enabling artistic expression. They have curated a comprehensive range of diamond painting kits that cater to artists of all levels. From meticulously sourced materials to prevision-engineered tools, their products are designed to elevate your diamond painting experience. With Canadian Diamond Drills, you can trust that every kit contains high-quality materials, ensuring the ultimate crafting experience. Enjoy seeing your creations come to life in a dazzling display of colour and texture. Discover the perfect kit for your next masterpiece and let your creativity shine confidently, knowing that Canadian Diamond Drills has all the tools and materials you need for your diamond painting projects.

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