Amazing Facts About Cayenne Pepper Spicy Food

Cayenne Pepper is the most potent spice known to man. The heat is so hot that it is used in chili sauce, ground peppers and a variety of other foods. It is believed that it was discovered by a Mayan native who found boiling cayenne peppers and then rubbing the resulting powder on wounds caused by bites of venomous snakes. The little pepper discovered was soon adopted by the Aztecs of Central America for many years as a medicinal treatment for various ailments.

What is cayenne pepper used for?

Even today cayenne pepper spicy powder is commonly used for its hot and pungent flavor. If you want to know is cayenne pepper spicy; yes, it is Cayenne Capsicum contains capsaicin which gives this chili pepper its heat. A pure compound of cayenne pepper will have a mild to hot heat. It can be difficult to use however, as the heat can vary with the amount of dryness in the powder.

How do you make chili powder Hot ?

The way to make the powder into a hot and exciting hot chili is by following a simple recipe for a hot and spicy Tandoori chicken. First you will need to buy a Tandoori chicken. This means a chicken that has been marinated in tandoori masala, which is an Indian sauce of spices and fresh herbs used to give food a delicious taste.

How to make Tandoori Chicken Recipe At Home ?

To make a hot and spicy Tandoori chicken simply purchase a rotisserie chicken. These are typically rotisserie chickens that are already marinated in masala. After they have been cut up into small pieces you will then add your cayenne pepper spicy powder to the meat. Most stores or even web sites that sell chicken will sell pre-ground Tandoori rotisserie chicken. Make sure that they are 50,000 heat units or greater because anything less will not be enough to give your meal the kind of heat and flavor that you are looking for. Also visit Lamorinda homemade food delivery to get fast home delivery.

When it comes to cooking this chili it is best if you use a large piece of meat and cover it tightly, so the juices can penetrate the meat better. Next you will spoon the hot sauce over the top of the cooked meat. Some people like to sprinkle cayenne pepper powder over the top, but I like to keep it all together in one bowl. It is not necessary, but some people do like cayenne pepper spicy sauce to be sprinkled over.

It will take about thirty minutes or so to cook your meal. Be sure that your sauce is enough to give your chili a good coating on top. This is important because capsicum has a very high burning temperature, so if you don’t have the right amount of sauce it will scorch your food before it really cooks. Many people believe that the word cayenne come from the word caushion, which means cushion or bolster, but there is no direct relation between the two words, although the same may not have been the original meaning of the word.

Add Spices After Cooking your meal

After you have finished preparing your meal, you will want to let it sit for about five minutes to allow the flavors to fully develop. Then you will want to add the powder to your food. Now just make sure that the powder doesn’t coat any of your food. If you do, it will take a lot longer to take away the heat than the actual pepper. Once you have finished preparing your meal, you will want to sprinkle the dry spice over your food. If you have not already mixed it into the meat then you will want to do that now.

To make this dish you will want to use a tablespoon or two of ground red pepper flakes and mix them into the medium sized bowl. Then you will want to stir the mixture until the red pepper flakes are blended in thoroughly. Then you will want to take a tablespoon or two of the mixture and heat it up to bring out the flavors of the dish that you have prepared. Once this mixture has heated up, you will want to take another tablespoon or two and mix it into the peppers so that they are coated evenly. Now you will want to add the rest of your meal and let the heat sink in for about five minutes so that everything is heated evenly and your dish is ready to eat.

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