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Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: A Look at the Gandhi’s Life and Indian History

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This blog examines the life and accomplishments of Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday. This blog gives an in-depth look at the man behind the movement for nonviolence, from his humble beginnings to his groundbreaking principles and practices. Why is Gandhi’s birthday celebrated as a Jayanti? Here you can learn more about it!

When is Gandhi Jayanti?

Gandhi Jayanti is on the 2nd of October, and it was when Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat, in 1869.

How can I celebrate Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti in a meaningful way?

To celebrate the day of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, there are many things you can do to connect with his philosophy and legacy. Here are just a few: –

  • Read about Gandhi’s life and the events that led up to his birth.
  • Reflect on what your own values are and how they’ve changed or stayed the same over time.
  • If you’re feeling particularly inspired by Gandhi, try to engage in some acts of human rights to honor Gandhi’s teachings.


Throughout Indian history and the world at large, Mahatma Gandhi was a shining figure. Gandhi’s life was filled with difficulties and significant achievements. He, however, grew dissatisfied with the political system and the harm it caused.

In 1915, he started the non-violent movement of satyagraha, or “soul force.” This movement aimed to bring about change through peaceful means and ultimately led to India’s independence from British rule. Gandhi’s life and message of peace and nonviolence have had a lasting impact on the world. Learning about his life and accomplishments will inspire you to live your own journey with integrity and courage.

What did Gandhi try to accomplish with his activism?

Mahatma Gandhi wanted independence without violence for his country, his people, and others too. His efforts helped lead to the independence of India from British rule, and his philosophy of truth, nonviolence, and social justice have been put into practice by many contemporary activists. One of Gandhi’s main goals was to end untouchability – a system that vitiated the rights of lower-caste Hindus. He also campaigned for women’s rights and freedom from child labor.

What was Gandhi’s personal life like?

Born on October 2nd, 1869, in the Gujarat hamlet of Porbandar, and pursued a law degree to serve in the government as a young man. He had to experience many difficulties along the way, such as losing his father at an early age. His mother had to work extremely hard to provide for the family and even refused to let him attend school regularly so that he could contribute to their financial security.

Although little is known about Gandhi’s personal hobbies, what is evident is that it was laden with hardship and challenges. At the age of twelve, he started working as a clerk in a law office. Later on, he became involved in political activities.

Practices and beliefs

Gandhi was a man of principle, and his teachings were based on truth, nonviolence, and love. He believed that each of these principles had the power to change the world. His teachings have inspired people around the world for over 50 years, and his legacy will continue to live on. On Gandhi Jayanti, celebrate his birthday and teach others about his life and the lasting impact of his efforts.

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