Sienna Miller Remembered When Jude Law Cheated On Her With The Babysitter

Sienna Miller remembered when Jude Law cheated on her with the babysitter. A decade ago, they were the perfect couple, they were engaged until an infidelity scandal broke out,  Jude was cheating on her with her children’s babysitter. Now the actress reflects on her reaction to hearing the news.   

“It was very difficult,” Miller said of the scandal. “And the other thing was, it was at the height of the paparazzi craze, and in London there was an epidemic of bad behavior. They  knew where  I would be each night. “  

“That was one of the most challenging moments I hope to have to experience. Because with that level of public heartbreak, having to get out of bed and be in front of 800 people every night is simply the last thing you want to do ”- added the leading actress of Shakespeare’s play“ As You Like It ”in that moment.   

Sienna Miller met  Jude Law in 2003, on the set of the movie ‘Alfie’ (you must have seen it as a warning!). After almost a year of dating, the couple got engaged on Christmas 2004. Well

According to People , Miller broke off the engagement after the news became public that Jude Law had  one  affair  with the  nanny  of his children, Daisy Wright. Sienna and  Jude  separated in  November  2006, but reunited in the fall of 2009 and dated for a year, ending in February 2011.   

Sienna says that many memories of that time were  blocked  from her mind. 

“There are six weeks of all that experience that I don’t remember. I have no memories of that, ”she said. 

“People who came and told me we had dinner together, and I don’t remember,” adds Miller. “I was so shocked by everything. And I really just started. I was only 23, but if you get over that, you feel like you can get over anything. “ 

But despite the scandal and the two ending their love affair,  Jude Law and Sienna Miller remained on relatively good terms. She told Porter magazine in 2016 that she cared enormously for him  but they didn’t see much of each other. 

After her relationship with Law, Sienna began dating Tom Sturridge, the father of her 8-year-old daughter, Marlowe. They were reportedly engaged in 2012, but separated in 2015, after four years together. They remained friends. She is currently in a relationship with Lucas Zwirner. Jude Law already has like 600 sons…

Anyways , I can’t imagine what it must be like to go through something like this publicly, seriously, the humiliation, the teasing, everything. This scandal with Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant was the bomb! Now it seems that it is common  they go with the nanny, the sister-in-law’s friend, the broom

So, Sienna Miller remembered when Jude Law  cheated on her with the  babysitter. 


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