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Jacob Elordi’s Love Life: Joey King, Zendaya, About Jacob Elordi

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Love life is always complicated. The human heart never stops searching for true love. The love life of Hollywood or other celebrities has always been the subject of discussion and even sometimes it becomes controversial if there is a love triangle. Some actors simultaneously date one or more girls at the same time and that’s fine with girls too, as they are mostly dating for the actor’s income and property.

But when it comes to finding true love, movie stars often fail so many times due to failed love connections, fall into depression, and ultimately affect their entire professional career. Jacob Elordi, the handsome young actor is always in the headlines for his relationships and personal life.

About: Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi, a budding actor who has competed for only 5 years in the film industry. Jacob is an Australian native of Queensland. He acted in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Swinging Safari, Jacob Elordi gained worldwide fame for acting in the film The Kissing Booth. Jacob Elordi has also done a television series called The Bend in 0291 and is currently playing the role of Nate on the HBO show Euphoria. Jacob Elordi is in the media attention more on his love life than on his career and it is also natural that he is a young, intelligent, and promising man.

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Past Relationships: Jacob Elordi

Like many other movie stars, Jacob Elordi also dated some of his co-stars such as Joey King and Zendaya. But sadly, none of his relationships with these actresses were successful. During the filming of the movie, Jacob grew closer to the king and the two began a fairly healthy relationship but soon ended their love.

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They have even made their love life known in various interviews and have also worked together on two films. Despite breaking up with Joey, Jacob will be seen with her in her next movie. Jacob’s relationship with Zendaya was not as publicized and confirmed, as he always said that this was just a rumor and nothing more.

Elordi was often quoted with Zendaya on many occasions. They even got together once for the birth anniversary celebration with family members, But they hadn’t taken their friendship to the next level of love. Elordi’s relationship with Joey was crisp and entertaining news for her fans back then as fans also admired their bond.

Current relationship: Jacob Elordi

Almost after a year and a half, Elordi’s personal life once again makes the headlines of many tabloid and entertainment news articles. The reason for this news is her new love partner. Yes, Jacob Elordi found love again and his discussions are trending on different social media platforms. Jacob also received massive hatred from his sympathizers and admirers, as they think he is not loyal and does not respect his past relationships.

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The new girl is the daughter of Hollywood star Cindy, Kaia Gerber. During a walk on the roads of New York, the paparazzi make them paparazzi and the images go viral. So now it’s interesting to see how far Jacob Elordi’s relationship with his new partner Kaia goes, or will he also abandon her as he did before with Joey and Zendaya.

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