Celebrities Who Changed The Spotlight For Politics

MEXICO CITY.- These celebrities have become like cannon fodder by breaking the fine line that exists between the entertainment world and politics.

“Politicians are the ugly actors who did not get fame” is one of the phrases that the controversial Roger Stone, one of the most controversial political advisers in the United States in recent decades, mentions in the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone “.

The truth is that there is a fine line between entertainment and politics, one that several celebrities have dared to cross; some hoping to make a change, others fell in love with the honeys of power, some more got there by “accident” or involuntarily, the rest perhaps only confused fame with the skills of a leader.

It is for all this that we will share some names of celebrities who ventured into politics, although it is not proven that with this they have abandoned fame.


Sergio Mayer, former star of the show “Solo Para Mujeres”, was nominated by the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), for the candidacy of district 6 of the Magdalena Contreras delegation in Mexico City, which won with 45.12% electoral preferences.

Despite the criticism received, Mayer, who now serves as a federal deputy, said: “Right now the main challenge is to promote an increase in the budget. I go for objectives, as I have shown. I made it my goal to be a deputy and also to be president of the commission. culture and now we are working together “.


Roberto Palazuelos

Roberto Palazuelos confessed in 2016 that he would like to be mayors of Tulum, it is known that he became involved in politics and various business projects. The actor is a supporter of the PT party.


Carmen Salinas is possibly the most controversial figure of actors in politics.

As part of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), she reached the post of deputy. And, in March 2017 she was registered as a candidate for the governorship of the State of Mexico. In addition, she anticipated her wishes to become president of the Republic.


Irma Serrano

Known as “La Tigresa”, Irma Serrano ventured into politics in 1998.

She made her debut in the Congress of the Union with the position of senator for the state of Chiapas during the LVI Legislature.


Silvia Pinal

The actress Silvia Pinal served as director of the DIF Tlaxcala, this during her marriage with the former governor of the entity, Tulio Hernández.

Silvia Pinal also served as a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District and held a position within the Senate as part of the PRI.


Laura Zapata

Laura Zapata has a great career in show business, but she was also a candidate for Federal Deputy for the PAN in 2013.

Currently Zapata has decided to turn the page, but does not rule out running again.


Rogelio Guerra

The late actor Rogelio Guerra was another of the celebrities who tried to participate in the world of politics.

At that time, Guerra tried to run as a candidate for federal deputy for the Convergence Party, but lost.


Maria Elena Saldaña

Famous for her role as “La Güereja”, María Elena Saldaña joined politics in early 2018.

The actress was nominated as a candidate for federal deputy for the Nueva Alianza party, in the state of Morelos.


Red mary

It was in 1997 when María Rojo ventured as a federal deputy. From 2003 to 2006, she became an Assemblyman of the Republic. She finally became a Senator of the Republic until 2012.


Eric del Castillo

The renowned soap opera actor also sought to build a career in politics.

It was in 2003 when the actor ran as a candidate for head of Tlalpan. He did not win the elections and it was the last time he tried to enter the government.


Ariel Lopez Padilla

Mariana Levy’s ex-husband made the decision to enter politics in 2017.

At 54, she confirmed through her social networks that she would dare to try her luck in politics with the Labor Party and would seek to launch herself as governor of the state of Morelos.


The “Pato” Zambrano

His launch to stardom was through the program “Big Brother”.

This 2018, “Pato” Zambrano confirmed that he will run for the mayor of Monterrey for the second time. The first time was in 2015 with the Labor Party.


Eduardo Capetillo

One of the gallants of Mexican television in the 90s, Eduardo Capetillo enjoyed the perfect family with Biby Gaytán, but now politics is his next goal.

Capetillo took the first step and ran to become mayor of Ocoyoacac.


Alejandro Camacho

In 2015, 62-year-old Alejandro Camacho decided to take his first steps in politics and ran as a candidate for deputy for the Social Encounter Party.

“I have no financial need, or fame, but I seek this political position because I feel that I have an obligation to work for a safer country,” he declared then.


Anahí Puente

In 2015, 62-year-old Alejandro Camacho decided to take his first steps in politics and ran as a candidate for deputy for the Social Encounter Party.

“I have no financial need, or fame, but I seek this political position because I feel that I have an obligation to work for a safer country,” he declared then.


Ernesto D’Alessio

Known for being the son of Lupita D’Alessio and for his long career in television, music and theater.

Currently, D’Alessio is developing as a federal deputy of the Social Encounter Party (PES).


Angelica Rivera

Recognized as one of the main actresses of Televisa, she ended her acting career after marrying Enrique Peña Nieto in 2010.

She eventually became First Lady of Mexico and began her work as part of the Advisory Citizen Council of the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF).



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