Farhaj Sarwar Radio Interview With Dubai Eye Talks About The Support Provided For Nepal Earthquake

Nepal has recently felt massive destruction due to an earthquake and it has resulted in financial loss to the country. Raising this issue at the international level, Farhaj Sarwar, Managing Director of NRS Relief, talks about it in an interview on the leading Dubai radio station, Dubai Eye 103.8 FM. The NRS team was invited by the radio to discuss its rapid response strategy and the efforts they’re going to take to supply emergency relief items to aid agencies on the ground.

During the interview about the recent earthquake in Nepal, Farhaj discussed the steps taken to provide the required support to the affected people along with the challenges faced by their team members. Discussing the rapid response, Farhaj Sarwar, Managing Director of NRS Relief, said “This was probably one of the toughest projects that we have undertaken and it took a lot of effort for us to provide the required support to the affected people in Nepal. We faced many logistic challenges while distributing core relief items to the affected areas as quickly as possible. Since the roads were badly damaged, it was very tough to provide supplies to the people who were in need. But our team didn’t let the problems overcome its spirit and we successfully helped 1000s of people.”

The interview was aired on Dubai Eye’s local news segment starting from 8:00 am and every hour on 3 August.

Furthermore, adding to his statement during the interview, Farhaj said that the geography of Nepal is very difficult and very complex, which lead to making it even more difficult to reach the people who needed our support and the supplies for rapid relief. Additionally, the team faced a tough time getting permits to land the plane. Due to a lot of incoming flights at the small airport of Nepal, things became even tougher. These were just a few challenges that our team faced during the whole process.

Praising the team members and volunteers, Farhaj Sarwar added “We had very less time and we wanted to do a lot of work. So we decided to work around the clock since the first earthquake struck on 25 April and managed to successfully provide as much support to the Aid Agencies and international non-governmental organizations that were directly involved in providing support to the locals as well as tourists who were stuck due to the incident.”

“We had been basically working to provide the relief teams with solar lights to help people. After all, since the earthquake hit the country, there was no electricity available, which made things worse. There was very much need for lights and we supplied relief teams with Solar Lights to keep the rescue operations alive. Apart from this, our team also provided shelter to the affected people as well as the rescue teams,” he added to his statement during the Radio Show.

These Solar Light and Shelter tents that are supplied to Nepal are specifically manufactured by NRS Relief, which is renowned as a purpose-driven company that supplies innovative and high-quality refugee shelters, and core relief items to UN agencies, NGOs and international organizations. There are many other products provided by NRS Relief that include:

  • Core Relief Items
  • Family Tents
  • Multipurpose Tents
  • Inflatable tent
  • Mobile Storage Units
  • Energy and Lighting

The goal is to provide products required by those affected by humanitarian crises or natural disasters. The company was developed with the goal to bring the best to those who need them through a wide range of core relief products and aid essentials. “At NRS Relief, we aim to continue the tradition of helping others with innovative relief products and want to become a pioneer in multipurpose tents for medical, educational, logistic and management support use. We have been providing relief products that are fully compliant with the highest industry and quality standards and undergo quality checks at each stage of the production process,” said Farhaj.

The company has its own in-house team of designers and engineers who work hand in hand with the suppliers and beneficiaries so that they can design new solutions and continually improve their existing products.

“This is not the only event when NRS Relief provided required support. Earlier than this, we have been working with rescue agencies to help people. For example, we have provided various shelters that were used in covid-19 emergency response across the globe. We also provided medical isolation cabins that were created specifically to support the global medical response to COVID-19,” he said.

Farhaj Sarwar has been a renowned personality in the entrepreneur world with massive success in the industry of providing high-quality core relief items to UN agencies, NGOs and international organizations. He is also a renowned philanthropist and he has been actively involved in the growth of the global community, especially the refugee girls. At a recent event about the empowerment of The Refugee Girls, NRS International sold more than 4 million blankets to the most popular and leading aid agencies all across the globe. The money was used to support the Refugee Girls in Jordan and across the country. This event was also praised by Bin Rashid, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.
When not busy, Farhaj can be seen spending time with friends or volunteering at events where he helps those who need it the most.

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