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This blog contains all details about the Viral L&D Nursing TikTok as well as additional details on Emory Healthcare’s statements. Keep reading our blog for more information.

Are you aware of the viral video featuring an Atlanta nurse? Are you curious as to why these videos were made by Atlanta nurses? We have all the details. After making a Tiktok clip, the Atlanta nurse was fired. This video has been a top-trending one in the United States.

This article will cover all information about the Viral L&D Nursing Nurse TikTok. You can find more information on the blog below.

Atlanta Nurse and labor video Tiktok:

The Tiktok video featuring the Atlanta nurse circulated the Internet. The video went viral and most of the hospital’s labors were fired. According to reports, the viral video showed Emory University Hospital laborers and delivery nurses participating in the “icky” Tiktok trend. In their Emory University scrubs, the nurses made a Tiktok clip in which they discussed the most disliked requests made by patients. The Tiktok Viral was reacted to by people on Twitter.

In the Tiktok video, nurses were seen calling their complaints “ick.” This Tiktok trend encourages people to talk about what makes them embarrassed. After the video was viral, the nurses and labor were criticized for making fun of patients’ requests. Both the labor and the nurses were quickly fired from Emory University Hospital.

Why are Atlanta’s delivery nurses and labor receiving backlashes?

Recently, Emory Hospital nurses made a Tiktok video wearing their University scrubs. It went viral on many websites including Reddit. The video shows the delivery nurses participating in an “ick” trend where they discuss the most irritating things moms and their families request.

One nurse said that her ick was when the patient arrives for induction and asks to eat and shower. Another nurse said that her ick was when she was asked about the baby’s weight. The nurses also took turns discussing their ick. After the video circulated on the internet, it received backlash for not respecting the requests of the patient. Despite receiving backlashes, the video was removed quickly from the internet. However, it is still popular on Telegram as well as other social platforms.

Reactions of Emory University Hospital to the viral video:

The Emory labor and delivery nurses have been subject to backlash for their rude behavior towards patients. The Emory Healthcare issued a statement on 8th Dec 2022 after they saw the viral video.

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