Why Was Influencer Gabi Demartino Expelled From Onlyfans?

The makeup youtuber was accused of sharing child pornography within the adult content platform.

Gabi DeMartino is known within the digital world as one of the most influential youtubers on makeup internationally.

She has been sharing videos about makeup and beauty tips on YouTube for years, but she surprised all her fans when she announced that she would open her OnlyFans account to share content aimed at a more adult audience. However, she found herself back in a new controversy after sharing a very particular video.

Gabi shared on her account a video of when she was just a child and where she lifted her skirt in front of the camera. It was accompanied by the phrase “I don’t plan on wearing my underwear” and charged three dollars to be able to see it.

Immediately a wave of criticism was generated against her since many of her fans assured that she was promoting child pornography and was also profiting from it, which is considered a crime internationally.

Even OnlyFans closed her account and there seems to be no intention of returning it to her soon. More details in the video above.

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