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Gina Carano Will Speak At Length About Her Take On Lucasfilm In A Personal Interview On Ben Shapiro Sunday Show.

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Gina Carano will speak at length about her take on Lucasfilm in a personal interview on Ben Shapiro Sunday Show. She is best known for her illustrious role as Dune’s friend. The Mandalorian, Carano was removed from the popular Disney + series earlier this month after a controversial post on social media. With the #FireGinaCarano hashtag looming online, Lucasfilm announced that the studio had severed all ties with the actress due to her “abusive” behavior.

Taking her side of the story, Carano details to Shapiro how Lucasfilm has “bullied” her over time and emphasizes the point that she is not the only one. From the interview, before the deadline.

“I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve seen a lot now, clearly, about the bullying that is happening, and I’ve seen it before I’m not the only person who has been bullied by this undertaking, and I know it deeply. I could share a story that would put things in the media, but I can’t because I would sell to a friend Everyone is afraid of losing their jobs. ”

Gina Carano also explains that her shoot was not a big surprise. From the point of view of the question, the actress and MMA star give details of how the studio felt for her and agrees with Shapiro that Lucasfilm has a double standard depending on the political opinions of each one.

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“You know how head-boxers do sometimes and forget to go get the body? I think Disney or Lucasfilm or whoever, just certain people from that compan I think there was a hunt. they looked at me like a hawk, and I look at people from the same production who can say whatever they want, and that’s where I had a problem. I had a problem with that. I did not agree with the narration. ”

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Almost immediately after Carano was fed up, it was announced that he was working with Ben Shapiro to develop, produce and star in a new movie for The Daily Wire. In the new interview, she also talks about how he felt when Shapiro reached out to her after the controversy.

“When you call, my body is still shaking. It’s devastating, but I think this is happening to anyone else, especially someone who hasn’t been able to handle this the way I can, no they don’t. they don’t make people feel like that and if I give a buckle, it will be okay for these companies, which have a history of lies, to lie to you and do this for others, and they have done it for others, and I’m not going to fall without a fight “.

Critics of Carano would say his shooting was far from over, as this month’s controversy was not the first time he confronted his behavior on social media. She was previously at the center of the #FireGinaCarano campaign for other posts on sensitive topics like voter fraud and gender pronouns. Many were happy to see her go, even though thousands of fans were asking Lucasfilm to bring her back. The Mandalorian.

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The entire interview with Carano on Show Ben Shapiro will premiere Sunday on DailyWire.com, YouTube, and podcasting platforms. The next news comes from Term.

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