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Certain aspects about deep wave hair we need to know.

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Most people lack simple knowledge regarding deep wave hair. What is a deep wave? Is It the same as curly hair, How would we define deep wave hair? Due to its resemblance with the curly wave hair, there are several confusions related to deep waves. Deep wave hair is the hair that gives off a healthy shiny appearance with lots of soft luster with regular waves like body waves but with tighter curls than body waves. It looks smooth and gives an affluent look. One of the differences between deep waves and the curly wave is that the curly ones have a bit irregular curls compared with the smoother deep wave ones. And deep wave has tighter curls than body wave.

 Tinashe is of the highest quality and best-selling deep wave hair made from virgin human hair collected from different parts of the world. Virgin hair is human hair that is not processed, By certain dyes and other stuff and its origin are from a single donor. Like any other hair type, it also requires proper protection to maintain them for a longer period. Mostly a deep wave lasts for a year.

Due to the presence of virgin hair, deep wave hair give a natural soft luster and gives a stunning look. Compared with others, this hair type has no knotted, shedding hair, and no off-odor cause of no chemical usage. These pros come with cons like difficulties in restyling and more careful management of the hair.

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Maintenance of deep wave 

Every single product needs some sort of maintenance, but when it comes to deep wave hair following points are worth reading

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Using an appropriate comb

Most people use a brush to comb their deep waves, which is quite inappropriate. Brushing your deep wave hair will damage your curls. Instead, you should go for a comb with wider finger spacing so you can easily comb your hair without disturbing your curls. Using a comb with less spacing gives similar results as brushing. So it is recommended not to experiment with such sort of things to your hair.

Treatments through saloon

The recommended way of getting any treatment to your hair is to get it done through a saloon. For example dyeing/bleaching your hair, saloon workers know certain stuff that we don’t know. They are experienced workers doing that for many years. So it is more of a safe and reliable option to choose a saloon rather than doing all that by yourself.

 Washing your deep wave

Washing your hair is necessary. Obviously, you want your hair to be clean. Using preconditioning before a shampoo can help a great deal in moisturizing the hair. As we know that the deep wave hair is much drier than other hair, so proper conditioning is essential for deep wave hair. Using a moisture-rich conditioner is the way to go because it helps to reduce your dry hair and give them a smooth shiny look.

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