Chase the Northern Lights this Year in These Top Locations!

Enter the enchanted realm of the Northern Lights, often known as the Aurora Borealis. This enthralling celestial phenomena adorns our planet’s polar regions with a mesmerising dance of colours, illuminating the night sky with an ethereal radiance. The opportunity to see this ethereal spectacle is nothing short of a dream come true for individuals with an unquenchable wanderlust and a strong appreciation for nature’s beauties.

Consider standing beneath a large expanse of Arctic or subarctic sky, when the air is crisp and the terrain has been turned into a canvas of frosty splendour. It’s a moment that ends up on innumerable bucket lists, capturing the hearts of both dedicated travellers and nature lovers.


Iceland, a genuine treasure for Northern Lights fans, has established itself as a top-tier location for seeing this heavenly dance. The country’s enthralling draw stems from its beautiful landscapes, a tapestry woven with drama, geothermal wonders, and sky that frequently clear the stage for the aurora’s spectacular display. When exploring Iceland’s treasures, you’ll find yourself in the middle of enthralling settings such as Thingvellir National Park, where nature’s theatre unfolds against a historical backdrop. Another popular destination is the Golden Circle, which offers a front-row ticket to the bright show that is the Arctic night.


Norway is distinguished not just by its beautiful beauty, but also by its dedication to sustainable tourism. In pursuit of the Northern Lights, the country guarantees that the wonder is not interrupted, including an environmentally friendly experience into the fabric of your aurora tour. It’s a symbiotic relationship between nature’s delights and the thoughtful traveller. So, whether you’re gazing skyward in Troms or soaking in the ethereal beauty of the Lofoten Islands, Norway welcomes you to join the Northern Lights dance in a way that respects the very surroundings that make it so beautiful.


A wonderful retreat for those wishing for the dance of the Northern Lights and a genuine winter wonderland journey awaits in the heart of Swedish Lapland, where winter discloses its captivating beauties. Imagine yourself at Abisko National Park, a place that appears to have its own unique relationship with the universe. Abisko’s environment and lack of urbanisation make it an outstanding site for witnessing the rare aurora borealis. The Northern Lights perform their celestial ballet with unprecedented clarity here, amid the great expanse of clear skies, producing a breathtaking display for anyone fortunate enough to experience it.


Nestled in Finland’s vast wilderness, where nature reigns supreme, awaits an amazing location for visitors eager to see the stunning Northern Lights. Imagine yourself at Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ official homeland, where the romance of winter pervades the air and the opportunities for aurora viewing are nothing short of magnificent. A magnificent winter atmosphere meets you in this quirky hamlet, adding to the enchantment of the Northern Lights experience.


Welcome to Alaska’s natural beauty, a home for those enchanted by the mesmerising dance of the Northern Lights. You’ll discover an exquisite spot for aurora aficionados here, amid the great expanse of wilderness where the night sky reigns supreme. Consider yourself at Fairbanks, a town in the heart of Alaska that is sometimes cited as the best place in the United States to observe the celestial ballet. Because of the limited light pollution, the Northern Lights may take the stage, decorating the night sky with colours that transcend description. The odds of seeing the aurora borealis in all its grandeur increase during the winter months, when the evenings are longer.


Consider yourself at Kangerlussuaq, a hidden jewel with low light pollution and Arctic tundra stretching as far as the eye can see—a really unique canvas for seeing the ethereal auroras. The Northern Lights take the stage against a backdrop of pristine beauty in this remote part of the planet. The Arctic tundra vistas of Kangerlussuaq appear unspoiled by time, giving an intimate environment for those seeking the wonder of the cosmic dance without the intervention of technology.


Whether you’re drawn to the mystical landscapes of Iceland, the winter wonderland beauty of Swedish Lapland, or the vast wilderness of Alaska, each site has its own distinct appeal and a high chance of seeing the captivating dance of the Northern Lights. Remember that intelligent decisions create the door for remarkable encounters as you plan your journey. Accept the cold, layer up, and ready to be engulfed by the ethereal glow of the heavenly lights. As you become lost in the enchantment of the Northern Lights, a cosmic ballet that transcends the mundane and paints the night sky with magical hues, the chill in the air becomes a mere whisper.

Consider turning your fantasy of seeing the Northern Lights into a resolve for this year. Make memories that will last a lifetime, stories that you will tell with a glint in your eye. It’s a pledge to oneself to enter the world of the unusual, to behold the beauty that nature saves for those brave enough to pursue it beneath the heavenly lights. Visit the AARP website for additional useful information on travel, security, healthcare, and other topics.

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