Check how Troop Messenger’s chat APIs work in your business apps

It would be an understatement to say that technology is advancing but it also influenced all kinds of businesses, and humankind. For the best-known reasons, businesses of various domains took advantage of the technology which helped in boosting their business productivity.

There was a time when businesses who opted for digital presence in the form of websites or apps gained more customers or clients, and today to hold that customers business owners are required to have a communication functionality to interact with them, and in amid pandemic it helped businesses to sustain.

If you are thinking of hiring a software development company or instructing your development team to develop chat functionality, it is better to opt for a popular chat app’s APIs such as Troop Messenger. Apart from saving time, money is the biggest advantage of opting for Troop Messenger’s chat APIs & SDKs is your data will be secure, with that said you may think that every chat app claim the same but for your information Troop Messenger is used officially for defense collaboration services by one of the powerful nations and in addition finance, political parties, health care units, software, and other companies opted for this tool. And it is one of the few tools which have an on-premise chat server model apart from chat APIs, SaaS, etc. So, you can imagine how secure Troop Messenger is.

Why must you opt for Troop Messenger?

To improve customer service, quickly integrate text messaging, audio/ video conversations, and video conferencing into your corporate software.

Troop Messenger’s Real-time APIs and SDKs allow you to send messages, make calls, and manage administrative operations. Here are some of the reasons that may interest you in Troop Messenger

Real-Time APIs

Troop Messenger’s Real-time APIs can be integrated seamlessly into your application programs to let them communicate with you in real-time.

Back-end APIs

Troop Messenger’s Back-end APIs allow you to manage administrative operations, users, groups, and Android and iOS apps.

Easy to Integrate

Compared to other popular chat APIs, Troop Messenger chat APIs are much easier to integrate, hence you don’t have to develop the tool from scratch. Integrate the ready-to-ship code with 100+ expanded features into your existing apps or online interfaces. Troop Messenger understands how hard developers work, therefore it built the chat APIs developer-friendly so that they could use our application APIs to build simple and efficient in-app chat solutions.


We provide easy-to-use APIs with detailed documentation and code to help you save time and money. Your developers would find Troop Messenger’s chat APIs as hotcakes.

Advantages of Troop Messenger’s Chat APIs

Troop Messenger chat service APIs are well-structured, with a set of commands and callbacks that assist you in properly launching and managing an ongoing chat session.

  • Create in-app chat solutions that are simple and efficient.
  • You don’t have to build it from scratch
  • Embed the ready-to-ship code with 100+ expanded features into your existing apps or online interfaces.
  • Create the features you need for your in-app chat platform with creative control. Make the chat UI exactly how you want it! With this messaging interactions API, you may adjust fonts, colors, message style, borders, and more.
  • User-side APIs allow you to communicate with your consumers or clients in real-time.
  • Using back-end APIs, manage your in-app messaging administrative chores.
  • Developer-friendly API documentation
  • APIs that are easy to set up and use
  • APIs for 1:1 messaging, group chat, and audio-video calling
  • There won’t be any call dropouts or lags. With real-time Voice API and Video API, you can have clear face-to-face communications with your customers.
  • To develop a controlled chat session with your customers, you can use Troop Messengers’ expanded chat SDK documentation in your business-messaging platforms.
  • With the in-app chat APIs, your customers will be able to smoothly transition between voice, video, chat, and conference.

The associated benefits above are just a few of them. In today’s competitive market, your obligation extends beyond offering high-quality products or services; you must also engage in high-quality interactions that help to establish your brand’s image from the perspective of your customers.


Troop Messenger has a policy of empowering its users by providing features and privileges so they don’t have to waste time seeking alternatives to meet certain requirements. The features of this tool were created with a thorough understanding of market requirements of both present and future, and its team understands the significance of communication in boosting business efficiency. 

Troop Messenger has a dedicated team that does in-depth market research to aid with the introduction of new features that will benefit users in the future, enabling them to save time and money by not having to look for alternatives. As a result, you won’t discover any unique features in other well-known tools.

The group of features that Troop Messenger’s Chat APIs offer is as follows

Messaging APIs

  • One-on-one messaging
  • Group conversations
  • Rooms
  • Forkout
  • Contacts
  • Attachments
  • Location & Tracking
  • Audio & video message
  • Message reply & Forward
  • Delete, Recall, & Edit
  • Last seen status
  • Typing indicator
  • Read & Delivery information
  • Read markers
  • Broadcast

Call APIs

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Group calling
  • Scheduling
  • Waiting room
  • Host controls
  • Webinar
  • Call switching

Chat APIs for every Business Use Case

Troop Messenger’s powerful collaboration chat APIs can be used in your web and mobile apps. With its easy-to-use chat and calling features, you can reach millions of customers.


Integrate chat APIs into your cab-service apps, food delivery, dating apps, online gaming, and other applications to allow your service agents to communicate with your end customers without experiencing any delays in communication.

Marketing & E-Commerce

Marketing and E-Commerce is a sector where delays are unavoidable. Every impromptu message will put the customer’s patience to the limit, potentially leading to more unfavorable reviews and a blemish on the brand’s image. Respond to your customers’ purchase-related questions promptly using Troop Messenger’s in-app messaging chat APIs.

Banking and Fintech Apps

Banking and Fintech apps are undeniably necessary to give above-and-beyond security to protect their data and customers’ money since hackers are prone to using it to their advantage. Your users can connect into the secured environment to have safe and end-to-end encrypted banking and investing chats by using the chat APIs of this defense-validated application.

Sales & Support

No matter how excellent of a service you aim to deliver to your customers, poor communication can limit your options and force you to compromise. Until your sales team closes the transaction, stay in touch with your business clients using the in-app texting and calling features.

Health Care

If some domains suffer losses as a result of poor communication, the Health Care domain may end up costing lives. During the pandemic, a few well-known hospitals allowed patients to consult doctors via the internet considering the impact and maintaining a healthy atmosphere. To handle first-hour crises, integrate the Troop Messenger APIs, to save those lives.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions do not need to seek out insecure tools because there have been instances in the past, particularly during pandemics, where a few vandals disrupted sessions and mocked the faculty. Troop Messenger APIs can be used in educational websites and mobile apps to conduct real-time classes with students, including screen sharing and audio-video calling, on a safe and secure platform.


I hope you learned how to use Troop Messenger’s chat APIs and SDKs in your business mobile apps & web apps, and how they help you increase productivity. Assess your requirements and see whether other tools can provide a safe and secure platform with the features you require. Defense, Air Force chose Troop Messenger because of its security processes and standards, so merely estimate its security levels. Remember that every component of your business, including your business data, customer data, and so on, is critical to its success. As a result, make a prudent choice by using secure tool chat APIs like Troop Messenger.

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