MyCase Status: New Ways to Help You Tackle Everyday Challenges

With the help of Status, you can finally tackle your most time-consuming, taxing everyday challenges in the legal industry. Created by the creators of MyCase with the goal of bringing you new and innovative ways to solve common problems quickly and easily, MyCase Status provides you with a place to discuss your most pressing concerns and gain insight from other users. Whether you’re trying to figure out how best to manage your users or trying to set up your law firm’s security system, MyCase Status has all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to get the job done right!

Introducing MyCase Status

Whether it’s a training session on Fridays or live support with product experts, MyCase is committed to delivering the best support for you and your firm. And that starts with your first step. Let’s get started. Create an account today and start experiencing MyCase status.

  1. Connect with other users and help shape the future of our site by joining our beta program 
  2. Ask questions in our forums or blog 
  3. Participate in live webinars 
  4. Get advice from product experts about how to use the platform 
  5. Attend one of our regular training sessions

How MyCase Status Can Help You?

When you’re faced with challenges, tasks and cases everyday, it can be hard for your team to keep up. But don’t worry! MyCase Status is here to help. We’ve got a variety of resources that will help you do more in less time. For example, our weekly training sessions will teach you new skills and put you in touch with subject matter experts who can answer your questions. And our live support service is available 24/7 so we’ll always be there for you when those unexpected problems arise. With MyCase Status on your side, you’ll never have another day like the one before!

Weekly Training

With the busy schedules that lawyers face each day, it can be difficult to find the time for continuing legal education. That’s why we are excited to introduce MyCase Status, our new weekly training series that will help you stay up-to-date with trends in law and learn how to tackle your everyday challenges. Each week, our experts will cover a different topic and answer live questions from members of our community. Join us every Wednesday at 3pm ET on Facebook Live or watch on demand later anytime!

Live Support with Product Experts

MyCase is committed to delivering the best support. That’s why we have a team of experienced MyCase experts ready to answer your questions during live, one-on-one sessions. With these sessions, you can get help with anything from billing and product training to webinars and tutorials. Plus, we’re always adding new content so you never run out of resources.

Committed to Delivering the Best Support

We’re always looking for new ways to help you tackle today tomorrow and beyond. From weekly training to live support with product experts MyCase is committed to delivering the best support to your firm.


We’re committed to delivering the best support for your firm, and that means continually looking for new ways to help you tackle today’s challenges. From weekly training sessions and live support with product experts, MyCase Status is here to help.

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