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Chinos – A Guide To Look Awesome

Whenever it concerns men’s pants, chinos are unquestionably a must-have. These pants are a must-have for any man, as flexible as they are attractive. They are not only suitable for a general look, but they also go with smart outfits, making them a superb investment.

But as men do not pay much attention to their clothing, finding the right pair might be a difficult task and it is also more difficult for people who have been wearing jeans all their lives. If you buy mens chinos in Australia there are several things to consider. Let’s see what they are

Why Chinos Over Jeans? Let’s End The Debate

In simple words – chinos are more adaptable than jeans. It is suggested to own atleast two chinos of different colors. They look awesome with anything from a t-shirt, a sweatshirt o a hoddie and also with a well stiched formal shirt. You cannot do that with jeans.

Chinos are more comfortable and elegant. Smooth cotton stuff, twill fabric let’s you breath even in summer season. Unlike jeans, chinos come in different colors and actually look good even better than denims.

Are They Informal Or Formal?

It is a big question indeed and the answer is very interesting as well. Chinos according to experts are both formal as well as informal. It all depends on how and where you wear them.

There are certain pockets styles or stiching patterns that might make them more casual or formal but overall they can be worn anywhere.

How Should They Fit?

Chinos are smart and usually considered in the middle of formal and informal. Check your back pockets to see if they are flat. Flat pocket chinos are informal. Chinos should look relaxed and should fit snugy but in a comfortable way.

Chinos are like something you do not have to worry of falling down even if you are not wearing any belt. The waist is lower than the suit pants and must be similar to the waist fitting of your jeans.

What Color Of Chinos Is The Best?

Chinos are both formal and informal and they will go with anything in your closet so it is suggested to have atleast two chinos in your closet.

As a man, it is better not to buy shiny or glossy colors with vibrant colors. Chinos with darker colors go with most of the colors in your closet. It is better to have more matte look in your chinos.

Sand or khakis can be one of the best color choices for chinos. This lighter brown looks awesom with dark shirts and also go with formal shirts.

Have atleast a Navy chinos as well because it will cover if you need something dark. Avoid buying pitch black or dark navy chinos. They just don’t look good.

Final Thoughts

Chinos are highly adaptable and all-encompassing when it comes to wardrobe options. They allow you to dress up or down for practically any event. The main idea is that the chino should make you feel comfortable.

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