Features To Consider While Purchasing A Walking Treadmill

A treadmill is considered one of the most popular home exercise equipment that provides an efficient aerobic workout and helps people improve overall health.

If it is your first time buying you might wonder what is the best walking treadmill in UK. You may be a little lost and unable to decide what features you should look for in the treadmill since treadmills are expensive. You shouldn’t make a decision recklessly, instead, read the following list of the important treadmill features, and then make a knowledgeable decision. 

Belt size

The belt should be large enough to accommodate your strides, and give you an overall safe and comfortable walking experience. For walking, the belt should ideally be 16 to 18 inches wide and 48 inches long. If your foot approaches the front/back or sides of the belt too much, the walking pad might be too short for you.

Shock absorbing ability

The treadmill cushioning system is required to help relieve your knee and spine joint stress, allowing them to experience less tiredness and exercise longer. The walking pad should absorb the impact of each foot strike without shifting from its original position. Read the technical specs of the walking treadmill to find whether it has the shock absorbing ability or not.

Weight bearing capacity

Another feature you need to consider is the maximum user weight that a treadmill can withstand. The treadmill you purchase should be strong enough to accommodate your weight. 

If you are purchasing an under desk treadmill for your home gym, its weight capacity should be more than 200 lbs. In comparison, the maximum weight limit of a commercial treadmill should be more than 600 lbs.

Motor horsepower

The energy of a treadmill motor is measured in horsepower (HP) which tells how much work it can do. 

Choosing the right horsepower might help you achieve your fitness goals. It will also make sure your treadmill motor lasts for years. The optimal horsepower of the is from 2 to 2.5.

Pre-set treadmill programs

Many modern treadmills come with built-in programs that can automatically manage the speed, record progress rate, and incline the walking pad to help the user lose weight more efficiently. 

Some treadmills also have a heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and ensures it stays within the optimal range while you walk. These pre-set treadmill programs allow you to set up an exercise routine and monitor your progress over time.

Automated incline and decline

Want to make your exercise routine more challenging? Get a walking treadmill with an incline. Such treadmills allow you to incline the deck to make it seem like you are walking uphill. A permanent incline also reduces the overall length of the machine so saving space.

Treadmill size

Treadmills are heavy and take up a lot of space. You should consider the available space at home before buying a treadmill. If you want to work out while working, an walking pad is an ideal choice. They are small in size and can easily adjust underneath your working desk.

Treadmills are available in several sizes and varieties. You should assess all treadmill needs and choose the one that best suits your workout routine.

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