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Chris Christie Net Worth: Family, Career & More

Christopher James Christie was raised with two sets of political views that differed significantly, providing him a broad perspective from birth. Both Wilbur James “Bill” Christie (a certified public accountant), as well as Sondra (Grasso) Christie, an office receptionist had differing viewpoints which inspired early interest in public service from him. This experience played an instrumental role in his early pursuits for public office.

Following the Newark race riots of 1967, Christie’s family relocated to Livingston, New Jersey. His time spent there proved formative; not only was he excelling as a baseball catcher at Livingston High, he also demonstrated leadership qualities by becoming class president – his participation in United States Senate Youth Program further fueling his interest.

Christopher Christie began his academic journey at the University of Delaware, majoring in political science before continuing on his way with Seton Hall University to attain a Juris Doctorate and lay down foundation for future work in law and politics.

Professional Career and Community Service.

After law school, Christie joined Dughi, Hewit and Palatucci law firm where she specialized in securities, election and government affairs law; eventually becoming partner. Christie first entered political circles when her involvement in George HW Bush’s reelection campaign led her into contact with William Palatucci’s firm which helped catapult him further into political activity.

Christie first entered politics when he was elected to the Morris County board of Chosen Freeholders. Although unsuccessful in running for New Jersey General Assembly the following year, Christie continued actively participating in politics – serving as George W. Bush’s campaign lawyer in 2000.

President Bush’s appointment of Christie as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey in 2001 marked an important landmark. Over his six-year term as U.S. Attorney he won great respect from local Republicans while solidifying his political influence further.

Major Events Related to Governorship.

Christie was elected Governor of New Jersey in 2009, signaling an exciting new era in his political journey. Re-elected four years later underscored this, in part thanks to how well he dealt with Hurricane Sandy aftermath. However, his tenure wasn’t without controversy–most notably “Bridgegate” scandal in 2013 and public outrage over using state-run beach during government shutdown period in 2017.

Presidential Ambitions

Christie made his inaugural foray into national politics through his presidential run in 2016. Though faced with limited support and facing fierce competition in this race, Christie showed both ambition and determination by running. Following his withdrawal, Christie supported President-elect Trump before later helping in his 2020 efforts.

Chris Christie has enjoyed an exceptional personal life. Since 1986, when they married Mary Pat Foster — another student at University of Delaware — they have raised four children together in Mendham Township New Jersey where their home they bought together reflects both his success and stability.

Financial Standing

With an estimated net worth estimated at $5 Million, Christie enjoys an excellent financial situation largely fueled by his annual salary as Governor of New Jersey of $175,000. Christie also uses various roles such as law practice management and political commentary as ways to add additional wealth.

Chris Christie’s journey from small-town New Jersey to national political power symbolizes ambition, resilience and controversy in equal measures. His legal practice and political career — not to mention personal and financial stability — paint an impressive portrait of an individual whose impact has left a permanent stamp upon American politics.

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