Clarissa Molina And The Journey To Recover Her Facebook Account

Clarissa Molina spent hours of uncertainty after a group of people stole her Facebook account. Fortunately, the presenter of El Gordo y la Flaca managed to recover her page, and now more calmly she told how bad she had it during sleepless nights, hoping that everything would work out in her favor.

“Yesterday I spent a night that you cannot imagine,” she said, a little stressed. “Thank God they helped me. It was not easy, it was difficult because it was a process of almost a whole day a whole night, a full dawn. This morning they could return the page to me ”, she said more calmly.

And it was not just about losing control of her profile, but the culprits published content that was not related to her. “They began to put super strange videos, for example of women shaking strange  well, well,” she said without going into more detail about the posts that were already left behind.

Clarissa suffered for having lost her page not only because of the publications she had there, but because it is part of her job since she began her career in television. “It took me so much work, my God, to want to take off the page that with so much effort I and a team have formed since I started Nuestra Belleza Latina, and you have helped me to have this page,” she explained.

The guilty, in the crosshairs

The friend of Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan not only could not believe that people had dared to take something from her that she worked so hard for, but she tried to delve into why she did not want to throw everything away.

“They see me and say: ‘Oh, it’s a page’, but this Facebook page, believe me, it has been difficult for me to create it, maintain it, to be connected with you,” he said.

Regarding those responsible, he assured: “It was people from the other side, they were Arabs. I even managed to look at the photos through a friend of mine who was helping me get everything and gather information to send it to Facebook to help us.

Finally, Clarissa gave a safety advice to her followers: “Don’t trust any of the (rare) links that are sent to you. No no and no! If you don’t feel safe, don’t click on anything, okay? I love you so much!”.

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