What is Namson Gen Complete Guide for 2021 Full Details

Namso Gen is an online credit card generator that offers a free service. You can use Bins to make many credit cards. Namso is the same freemium generator that namsopro.


How many of your credit cards have you used? I think almost every one of you have, I’m sure. I mean, who wouldn’t want to use this amazing invention to purchase goods without cash? You can also enjoy discounts and other rewards. Imagine yourself in a situation when you are looking to purchase from a store but you go to their website instead. You end up buying a lot more than you would if you only bought one item. Credit card generators are becoming more popular as credit cards become more accepted, particularly in these days with the Covid 19. Namso Gen is the most trusted credit card generator among all credit card generators.

Namso Gen:

Namso Gen, a random credit-card generator, is an essential tool in programming and web development. Namso Gen is primarily used by developers and owners of e-commerce websites, who need to verify that credit card transactions are performed smoothly.

Features of Namso Gen

Namson Gen is the most sought-after credit card generation software. It has some distinctive features that set it apart from similar software on the market. These are the key features of Namso Gen.

  • Namso Gen issues credit cards with a verification value code (CVV).
  • The 16-digit credit card number is composed of 16 digits
  • Cardholders have the option to choose any name they like for their credit cards. It is not required that it be his real name.
  • Each card comes with a validation period that is 3 months after the date of its production.
  • Namso Gen will generate a card that will display a specific amount which can be used to make small test purchases.
  • Namso Gen numbers do not redirect to any bank accounts.
Namso Gen Working Algorithm

Namso Gen uses the LUHN algorithm to generate random credit card numbers based on users’ Bank Identification Numbers (BIN). The Modulus 10, or Mod-10 algorithm is also known as Luhn’s algorithm. This algorithm can be used to verify the credit card numbers generated Namso Gen. Any type of error will be detected immediately by the algorithm. Luhn’s algorithm validates credit card numbers using the following steps:

  • Every alternating digit must be doubled starting at the right-most number
  • Replace the original alternating numbers with their computed sums
  • Summarising the values from all positions
  • You will get a result of 0.

The card will be invalidated if the Luhn algorithm returns a value other than 0. Namso Gen software uses Luhn’s algorithm to verify and authenticate credit card numbers randomly generated to protect against suspicious activity.

How to use the Namso Gen Software?

Namso Gen generates credit cards numbers using a few simple steps. Let’s first discuss how numbers are distributed on credit cards.

  • The BIN, or issuer’s identification numbers, is the first six digits. These numbers remain the same for each card issued by the bank/financial institution.
  • The cardholder’s number is the next 8 digits
  • The check digit, which verifies all other digits’ validity, is the last digit.
Is Namso Gen Legal?

You have probably heard many things about credit card generators. Now you are wondering if the Namso Gen software can be legal. It is understandable why. The Namso Gen Software was created for data testing and the production of unique numeric credit card numbers. Namso Gen’s sole purpose and function is site testing, which is completely legal. Namso Gen Software use is also completely risk-free. Since the credit card numbers generated by NamsoGen don’t directly connect to any bank account, fraud is not possible. Namso Gen’s legality has been confirmed.

Can Namso Gen replaced by Alternative Softwares

Namso Gen is the only CC-generating software on the market. This is because nearly all of those software generate unverified credit cards numbers that can cause problems in the website they are developing. Namso Gen is a trusted interface provider and offers the following securities:

  • Interface that is user-friendly
  • Use with confidence
  • No personal data required
  • A single 6-digit BIN can generate hundreds of random credit card numbers.
What does Namso Gen Software do?

Credit card frauds are increasing due to the increase in credit card transactions online. As of 2021, 79% of UK credit card frauds had occurred. Website owners must take safety precautions to protect the buyer’s privacy and security. Namso Gen is here to help. Here are some of the Namso Gen Software’s benefits:

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