The Three Musketeers President JoeBiden in Lamp Post Light NorthKorea And NASA Equally Baffled

President Joe Biden in Lamp Post Light

President Biden is stepping over his feet one mistake after another. Some records show he worked as a travel agent where he ended up the customers mentally tortured by making them push on the wrong flights to reach the faulty destinations. Further, pointing at these skills, his friends suggested you can constitute an acceptable President as all of them lead to misdirection.

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President Biden has a saga of alcoholism; he has proceeded several times to rehab. But forever, departed kicked out as he ended up making the patients more addicted by brainwashing them in imagining a water bottle filled with alcohol. It was another highlight feature his friends reiterated goes on being a fine president; the power to whitewash the brain.

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Determine if Joe Biden is the correct choice for the 2024 election?



North Korea And NASA Equally Baffled

President Kim Jong-un has produced his wayward ammunition designed if collided anywhere should stamp the words, “The Mighty North Koreans.” But sadly latest conquer on Moon left him eroded as it didn’t go stamping his design. When proactive emails or calls went in harassing NASA for claiming their victory, they realized held in a black hole block list due to which communication failure occurred. Where the other end, the NASA people with no work went trying to figure out who did it?

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NASA is Amazed At The Stampede


The Three Musketeers

A Hunting Club, which operates a commotion in Russia, has its roots in America and Britain. Where killing innocent animals & wearing it around their neck goes into play. Britain voiced ” a ban on wearing it around their necks; they would like such kinds of social affairs to go carried underground.” The wealthy people in Britain are recruiting; people who are good at throwball, soccer and tactical juggling.

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Wildlife in Africa Goes Through Special Training Against Hunters


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