Ximena Duque And The Fear Who Lived In The Final Straight Of Her Pregnancy

Ximena Duque is one of the celebrities who has taken the most precautions since the coronavirus pandemic began, especially now that she is expecting her second baby. The actress minimized her outings to places with many people and at home, she only receives those who, like her, are taking care of themselves and have tested negative for the virus. However, in recent days she experienced moments of anguish after presenting certain symptoms after living with a person who approached her without a mask, during a brief meeting in a restaurant.

In her social networks, Ximena shared with her followers that both she and her family are fine and that fortunately, they all came out negative for COVID-19. “I did the COVID test, I did the nose test and the blood test. I’m fine, negative, all … my mother, my husband, my children  All negative, “he said. “I have to confess that I did get a little scared. I have taken great care of myself, I have tried to continue making our life, we are going to eat, we go to the supermarket  if we see certain people, it is because we know that they take care of themselves and are negative.

The businesswoman said that she began to present certain symptoms on Monday night and that by Tuesday, it worsened. Fearing she had contracted the disease, Ximena resorted to nasal and blood tests to see whether or not she had the SARS-Cov-2 virus in her system. And it is that the Colombian recalled that a few days ago Gloria Estefan revealed that she was infected with COVID after attending a dinner with her family. On that evening, a person approached her, and they spoke for a few minutes, but this person was not wearing the mask.

Ximena went through the same thing last weekend, when she went out to eat with her husband. On Instagram stories, she shared that a girl came to her table and asked for a photo. The artist explained that her fan caught her off guard, because at the table she was already without the mask, since she was about to consume her food. A couple of days after this meeting, the businesswoman began to feel bad and panicked at the thought that she could have COVID and have infected her loved ones. “I think I would never have forgiven myself if I had brought the virus to my house and it had infected my mother or my children. My people conscience, especially if we are mothers… ”.

Knowing that she and hers tested negative for the virus, she warned that she will not lower her guard. “Right now more than ever I am going to take many more measures… I am two and a half months away from giving birth, we have to take care of our loved ones. If you have your parents, your grandparents, this is delicate. It has not gone (COVID-19), it will not go away for a while, so I want to share this with you because as a mother I felt very bad, I felt irresponsible for not having had the courage to have said ‘no, I have myself I’m sorry to take care of. ‘

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