Clifford Singer Turning Geometry Into Inspiring Art

Art is all about playing with colors, ideas, and allowing one’s imagination to run wild in order to create a unique and expressive piece. The audience wants work that speaks directly to them, so they may gaze into the abyss and feel at ease.

It is up to the artist to produce a piece that depicts any cultural value, a simple message, music, literature, or whatever else he desires. A composition developed with a whole thinking process uplifts provokes, soothes, and lingers everywhere with the individual. Thinking about it gives them serenity, and they might look at it for hours.

Clifford Singer’s innovative notion of combining math and art to forecast a profound meaning via his painting has come to fruition. Despite the fact that contemporary art has been around for a long time and has produced some outstanding artists. Clifford Singer’s whole body of work is around modern geometry and art, which people like.

A Mathematician and Artist

Singer is a gifted artist and mathematician, so he understands exactly what he wants in his artwork. He has been involved in art and education for 45 years and has created paintings, sculptures, prints, posters, and book covers. He was born in America and attended Alfred University before starting his career at the Broome Street loft in New York City’s famous Soho art area and then a Masters Degree from The City College of New York. This provided him with a solid foundation for both his teaching and painting endeavors. He also obtained his Artist Certificate from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, which was signed by HenryGeldzahler and Bess Meyerson.

To mention a few, this art curator has curated shows such as the O.I.A., Geometric Abstraction in 1980, Brooklyn Law School; Art & Mathematics 2000, The Cooper Union; and Printed Editions, Art & Mathematics 2022 (virtual exhibition). His work may be found in AT&T, Citibank, the MoMA in New York, the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, the Boca Raton Museum of Art, and many other locations.

Clifford Singer. Cut Space No. 76©. 2019. Acrylic on Canvas. 72 x 90 inches.

The Most Recognized “Cut Space No. 76” Painting

His most recent painting, “Cut Space No. 76” was shown at theBridges Organization and published as mathematical art at (MAA), Mathematical Association of America, where it acquired popularity due to the lines that appear to be sculptures while being two-dimensional. The painting is a wonderful combination of numerous elements that come together to form the image of Bezier curves.

Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards, including the Teachers Network, IMPACT II Disseminator Grant, Mathematics and Science in the Art Classroom in 2001, Robert Rauschenberg, Change, Inc., New York, in 1989, and Summit Art Center, Honorable Mention Award, Juried by Richard Anuskiewicz, Summit, New Jersey, in 1985.

Clifford Singer has been in the profession for far too long and has witnessed it all. His art has long been noted for its distinctiveness and modernism, and it is well-liked by the public. Singer’s life’s work focuses on the idea of “Geometrical Clouds,” with his first poems appearing in the 1970s. “Geometry has a firm base that is simple, ubiquitous, and simply accessible,” he says. In his works, he employs color fields, converging, diverging, parallel, or approaching asymptotically converging lines, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and many more classical curves from both ancient and current mathematics.” We can’t wait to see more of his paintings since they are so unique and beautiful.

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