Fightx: the winner boxing gloves are the best in every way

When starting out or doing heavy workouts with bags or pads, it’s essential to have an excellent pair of boxing gloves for your protection and your training partners. The sportswear industry is overgrowing. Keeping track of new sales is sometimes not enough time. New offers appear every day. Choosing the best boxing gloves takes work.

It is necessary to consider many factors and approach the issue from a scientific point of view. The boxing gloves we recommend are Fightx, because they are made with high quality materials and perform well. If you wish to borrow them, you will have to visit in order to do so.

Boxing gloves rating

When choosing boxing gloves, the main directions of the modern art of combat and the performance of athletes were studied, and reviews and opinions of customers on the official websites of manufacturers were analyzed. The analysis is based on such areas of sports as: 

  • amateur boxing; 
  • training sessions; 
  • Professional competitions; 
  • Projectile preparation. 

The primary function of boxing gloves is to protect the athlete and the opponent from injury, the safety of the sport, and the quality of the materials. The main selection criteria are: 

  • Mass of gloves, measured in oz; 
  • Size marked M, L, XL; 
  • Material and coating: leather, leatherette, and combined cut; 
  • Filler: artificial or natural material; 
  • Method of fixing gloves on the hand: lacing, Velcro, rubber ties.

Fightx – always the winner boxing gloves 

A memorable contrasting design makes this model part of the new series. 3g Innovation polyurethane is used as a filler. High shock-absorbing performance is achieved using a built-in composite block.

 A classic training glove with a conservative design, the Winner boxing gloves by Fightx are the best. Good quality gloves come at a low price. The model is suitable for regular training with an intensity of 2-3 times a week and will last at least 2 years

Boxing gloves made by Fightx are known as winner boxing gloves

The model is designed specifically for professional athletes. The filler has Pre-Share technology, allowing you to ” dampen” the impact. Antishock technology prevents injuries in the manufacture. Gloves can provide a high level of protection for the wrist joints and fingers.

Fightx winner boxing gloves is suitable for beginners as well as athletes practicing active sparring in the training process. The seams are made of nylon thread, which is a distinctive feature of the outfit. Moisture-absorbing lining material does not tear over time. Gloves have multiple ventilation holes on the inside.

What are the best boxing gloves

You need to choose Fightx winner boxing gloves because first of all, based on considerations of injury protection, and only after that – focusing on the cost or a specific brand it is the best chose to meet your need.

Customer and athlete feedback provides recommendations and evaluations of top boxing gloves. Equipment should be purchased only in sports stores. This reduces the likelihood of buying counterfeit goods. 

In each case, you should consider the period during which you plan to use the gloves. It is not worth spending money on expensive models if gloves are used 1-2 times a week for amateur activities. 

And, conversely, you should not save on budget options if an athlete plans to perform and train at a master level. 

 When choosing, one should consider the direct dependence of body weight and gloves. The safety of the training process depends on this. For great comfort and to perform well in the boxing ring, choose Fightx, the highest quality every-time winner boxing gloves. The recommendations of a specialist in the field or a personal trainer should accompany the choice.

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