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Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date, Cast And Who’s Coming Back In Season 4?

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Netflix’s first major premiere in 2021, the long-awaited season 3 of Cobra Kai was received with open arms by its legion of followers. The new installment of the Karate Kid sequel series premiered on January 1 for the first time as one of Netflix’s original series after having swept the first two -produced by YouTube Premium- on the platform, in the purest La Casa style. of Paper. Now as the original series of the full-fledged streaming service, Cobra Kai has a promising future ahead of it.

Already renewed for a fourth season on Netflix, the series team has already made great strides in its work on the new episodes and also has big plans for the future. This was ensured after the debut of the third entree Hayden Schlossberg, ‘showrunner’ of the series, who explained that t been clear where they want to take the story and not discarded continue the story beyond as a ‘spin-off’.

“We hope that we can expand this entire Karate Kid universe and reinvigorate the fan base so that it is a story that can continue to tell,” he told TVLine. “We have an ending for Cobra Kai, but we always compare it to our other favorite series, Breaking Bad, able to keep the story with Better Call Saul and El Camino . ”

Whether or not there is a Cobra Kai spin-off is yet to be seen, as is how much future awaits the Ralph Macchio- starring series again as Daniel LaRusso. However, the existence of a fourth season is certain, of which we already know some details that we summarize below. Take note:

What Is The Release Date Of The Fourth Season?

The scripts for the fourth season of Cobra Kai have been in the works for months and the Netflix series team, including screenwriter Jon Hurwitz, has acknowledged that they hope to return to the filming set to work on the new episodes as soon as possible.

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We are deciding some details, but the idea is that in early 2021 we will be back on set, with all the COVID protocols in place

In addition to his statements to Gamesradar, Hurwitz also assured his followers on Twitter that the new season would take a year compared to the premiere of the previous one, which means that the date January 2022 may be more than likely.

Cast: Who’s Coming Back In Season 4?

The new season of Cobra Kai will feature the return of our favorite faces. You can count on that. Ralph Macchio will continue to be Daniel, while William Zabka will continue to play Johnny Lawrence. Nor are its star students Sam LaRusso ( Mary Mouser ) and Miguel ( Xolo Maridueña ) leaving the site, while we can expect to continue seeing more of the Demetri brothers (Gianni Decenzo) and Hawk ( Jacob Bertrand ).

They also return, so we can count on new confrontations in season 4, Robby Keene ( Tanner Buchanan ) and Tory ( Peyton List ).

And what about the new faces? Too. We have almost the entire 2021 ahead of us to know what new characters are incorporated in this new stage, as well as possible returns and appearances of those characters that we remember so fondly from the film franchise.

The possible return of Terry Silver ( Thomas Ian Griffith ) is rumored, who is rumored to be on the other end of the phone in the call that Kreese makes in the season 3 finale. Jon Hurwitz, for now, prefers to keep it on. secret.

What Will Be Happening In The New Season?

After Sam and Miguel managed to reunite their friends to convince them to reach a truce between the two rivals, their good intentions were interrupted by Cobra Kai’s thugs breaking into the Larusso home. The moment would end with the confrontation between Tory and her arch-enemy Sam, while Kreese and Johnny would also end up face to face with Daniel, ultimately saving Johhny’s life.

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Finally, Kreese, Johhny, and Daniel decided to wait for the All Valley Championships tournament to resolve their differences and reach an agreement: whoever loses, must leave the valley. Kreese’s plans are not very honest, while we will have to see how the changed relationship between the other two characters evolves.

“They are both strong men and they stand firm in their philosophy and ideals,” explained one of the screenwriters, Josh Heald, about the union of Johnny and Daniel in an interview with TVLine. “It seems that there is a very different battle ahead, and a very clear bond and circumstances that have brought them here. But time will tell if history repeats itself and they return to their old habits.”

It also looks like season four will focus more on Robby, who has his issues with Johnny and Daniel and that will be something Kreese uses to his advantage. “Robby has a deep history with Johnny,” Heald said. “And now he has a deep history with Daniel. […] And there he is, with Kreese.”

” We will have to see in the fourth season if he becomes 100%, Cobra Kai. Does he embrace the dark side or do the lessons he learned in the past also affect him?” Hurwitz wondered about Robbie in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Season 4 is going to

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