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Invisible City Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Story And More Details

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Netflix’s fantasy series Invisible City concluded with the ideal set-up for season two, but will it happen? Invisible City is among many foreign language offerings the streaming service has introduced to its international subscribers over the past year. They’ve found impeccable success with movies such as #Alive from South Korea as well as numerous series such as Unorthodox and Home Sweet.

Made by Carlos Saldanha of Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs fame, Invisible City was filmed entirely in Portuguese and comes in Brazil. It follows the main character Eric (Marco Pigossi), an environmental police officer, who discovers that folklore and mythology have come to existence in a tiny Rio de Janeiro town. Mixing supernatural detective series such as The X-Files and Supernatural, Invisible City adds Indiana Jones-style adventure to create an enthralling tale of murder, mystery, and deities.

As season 1 of Invisible City came to a close, they guaranteed to depart cliffhangers to set up season 2. While some subplots were fulfilled for their entirety, others had been left available to prepare audiences for Eric and his continual venture in uncovering the truth behind the supernatural. Without further ado, here is what we know so far about season two’s renewal status, release date, cast, and story details.

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Invisible City 2 Renewal

Invisible City season 2 has yet to be greenlit by Netflix. But, it is common for the streaming service to renew programming over six months of its premiere. The news could break shortly that Invisible City two is on its way – viewership and popularity allowing.

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Invisible City Season 2 Release Date Info

As of this writing, there’s not any launch date set for the release of season 2 because it has not been revived. If Netflix does dictate a second installment, it is very likely that production will begin shortly after the news breaks. Based on the streaming solutions’ release pattern, Invisible City season 2 could launch in late-2021. But if its renewal standing is prolonged, it’s possible audiences may not see what occurs to Eric, Camila (Jéssica Córes), and Inês (Alessandra Negrini) until 2022.

Invisible City Season 2 Cast

Ironically, each throw member of Invisible City will go back to reprise their roles in season two, except for those who died in the middle of this mayhem in year 1. Isac (Wesley Guimarães, Brotherhood) abruptly expired after he confronted an owned Luna whose body was taken over by a deity that hauled into Eric’s body. It’s very likely that Eric, Camila, Inês, and Ciço (José Dumont) will return, due to just how important they are on the main plot. Fabiana (Tainá Medina) may come back as well, considering the fact that she went into labor in the season finale.

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It’s likely that her infant will play a much bigger role in Invisible City season 2. For this writing, there are no verified cast members, but fans can expect the main cast to reunite.

Invisible City Season 2 Story Details

Since the entire world of deities opened, allowing Eric entry, a pivotal season two plot was introduced. It is completely plausible that Invisible City could take crowds into this supernatural kingdom to witness what Eric has to do in order to make it right back to his family alive. While this is an exciting prospect, there is also the chance that his entry into this world has opened up a bigger portal between the two realms which could lead to an even more intricate puzzle in season 2.

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Hopefully, Netflix will announce the renewal of Invisible City so that fans and audiences can rest assured that there will be some settlement to Eric’s plot later on.

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