Comments on Villarreal B vs Espanyol 2:00 October 10 (Spain 2nd place 2023/24)

Comments on Villarreal B vs Espanyol 2:00 October 10 (Spain 2nd place 2023/24)

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Villarreal B vs Espanyol in Spanish Division 2: Football commentary, expert opinions, detailed result predictions, match analysis information.

Match between Villarreal B vs Espanyol

Football commentary Villarreal B vs Espanyol

  • Villarreal B just avoided relegation last season and it looks like they could fall into the bottom group again this campaign. In fact, the host only won 10 points after the first 9 matches of the season with a record of 2 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses. Currently, this team is ranked 14th on the overall table and is only 1 point higher than the red light area.
  • The Yellow Submarine started the season very badly, losing 3/4 of their first matches. At the present time, Villarreal B is not playing too well with only 1 victory in the last 5 appearances. Moreover, in 2/3 of the recent home matches, this team only knew how to draw and lose. On the other side of the field, Espanyol was relegated from La Liga last season but is ready to return to this top tournament.
  • They are currently leading the Segunda Division rankings with 20 points, one point ahead of Real Zaragoza in second place. In their first nine matches this season, the away team won 6, drew 2 and lost only 1. Since the defeat against Tenerife, Periquitos has triumphed in 2 consecutive matches without conceding a goal. Not to mention, Espanyol is unbeaten in 4/5 recent trips away from home.

Comment on the first half of Villarreal B vs Espanyol

14 is the number of goals that have appeared in the first 10 most recent rounds of Villarreal B. That is an average of 1.4 goals every 45 minutes. On the other hand, only 1/9 of this club’s recent home matches and 1/10 of Espanyol’s recent outings ended the period before the break with a score of 0-0. Therefore, the next first half will have many goals.

Total goals analysis for Villarreal B vs Espanyol

It is highly likely that a rain of goals will take place at Ciudad Deportiva del Villarreal in the next 90 minutes. That’s because, 5/6 recent matches with the participation of Villarreal B saw the number of goals scored no less than 3. A similar scenario has also happened in 4 of the 6 recent appearances. Espanyol side.

Although Espanyol’s scoring form recently has not been too outstanding, in the next match, against a Villarreal B team with a playing style that tends to be open and not really certain, they are likely to create a drama. The jubilant version is still there. In the market, the bookies also rate the Over/Under odds quite high at up to 2 3/4, that’s why the above milestone is still expected here.

Assessment of Asian ratio

  • Winning 2-0 at Cartagena, Espanyol continued to maintain the leading position in the Spanish Division 2 rankings after round 9 with 20 points, however, the gap with the next ranked opponent is only 1. point. In round 10, with one of the names behind, Tenerife, winning, the top position of coach Luis Garcia and his team fell to their opponents with a gap of 1 point.
  • In this context, in the latest match of the upcoming 10th round, Espanyol needs to have good results against Villarreal B to reclaim the top spot. That will not be an easy challenge when on the other side, the opponent is playing quite well. After an unstable beginning of the season, coach Miguel Alvarez’s team has gradually improved its situation, being unbeaten in all 5 recent rounds.
  • That result helped them escape the danger zone to rise to 14th on the rankings with 10 points after 9 rounds. In the next match, playing at home, Villarreal B’s confidence is further strengthened knowing that at Ciudad Deportiva del Villeareal, they won 2 and drew 1 after 4 matches since the beginning of the season, this at the same time. increasing concerns for Espanyol.
  • However, basically, with their higher rated ability, the opportunity for the Catalan representative to make a difference is still very large, not to mention their current performance is also very positive, even on away field when won 3 out of the last 4 matches. In the market, the bookies also have a similar opinion when placing a handicap of up to 3/4 for coach Luis Garcia and his team.
  • In the condition of having to be a guest of an opponent with good performance, this handicap shows Espanyol’s position compared to the opponent. For that reason, they are still considered a more trustworthy name in the next match.

Confrontation achievements

The two teams have never met

Probable teams:

  • Villarreal B: Álvarez, Alti, Romero, del Moral, Espigares, Ontiveros, del Moral, Adriano, Forés, Akhomach, Pascual.
  • Espanyol: Pacheco, Cabrera, Olivan, Calero, El Hilali, Pere Milla, Bare, Lozano, Melamed, Braithwaite, Puado.

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