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A perplexing mystery that has been plaguing the community of Scotia-Glenville for over 17 years is the disappearance of Craig Frear. On June 27, 2004, the high school junior and soccer player was last seen walking into the woods near the Cambridge Manor Apartments on Washington Avenue, leaving behind his parked car. Despite numerous searches, Frear’s whereabouts remain unknown, and his loved ones are still searching for answers.

A Ray of Hope: The New Lead

After nearly two decades, State Police are investigating a fresh lead that brings a glimmer of hope to this unsolved case. A co-worker reported seeing Frear in the passenger seat of a vehicle at the intersection of state Route 50 and Sheffield Road in Glenville, during the time period between June 27 and when Frear was reported missing on July 2, 2004.

Although details about the vehicle remain hazy due to witness amnesia, police are working hard to validate its sighting as authentic and seek more information by reaching out via their helpline or email address.

The Torment of Family and Friends

This prolonged mystery has left Frear’s family and friends in a state of distress. Veronica Frear, Craig’s mother, had urged him to come home after discovering that he hadn’t reported to his job at Price Chopper for several weeks.

Adding to the mystery, Craig was not carrying much cash, and his Social Security number has remained unused since his disappearance. His family and friends, with no reason to believe that Craig would harm himself or flee voluntarily, are left in limbo, hoping and waiting for answers while the police continue their investigation.

The Tireless Search for Craig Frear

Over the years, nearly 70 extensive searches have been conducted by the authorities. These searches, usually conducted in early spring or late fall to avoid snow and dense brush, have ranged from troopers and police dogs scouring the route Craig would have taken home, to divers exploring local waterways.

Despite these relentless efforts, Craig’s whereabouts remain a mystery, leaving the community in suspense and his loved ones in anguish.

In Pursuit of Closure

The enigma of Craig Frear’s disappearance continues to be one of the most heartbreaking mysteries in the village’s history. Now, 17 years later and thanks to new evidence emerging, there is renewed hope that his case might finally find closure.
However, there are still questions that remain unanswered. It’s unclear when this new information was received by the investigators and why it wasn’t divulged by the witness earlier. Yet, with more information surfacing, the hope is that there will finally be closure for Craig Frear’s family and friends, and the mystery that has haunted the community for so long will finally be laid to rest.

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