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Creelcate Com Reviews What is Creelcate com?

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Most of the people have heard about the brand new and existing E-commerce shop these days since most of the individuals are at home due to pandemic. Is Creelcate Legit, the review will discuss an e-commerce store dealing in decorations and was registered two months ago. As the chart of online shoppers is continuously growing in the United States and will get to the figure of 230 million in 2021, it’s important that their purchasing is safe and free of scams.

This digital platform and analyze the public opinion about the creelcate portalsite. So to learn about this store, read this post till the end.

Is Creelcate Legit?

According to scam detector.com, this Site is launched only two Months ago and has a confidence index of 2.6. According to scam detector.com, this is quite a poor trust indicator and places the domain name in a dubious category. Similarly, its Alexa ranking is also quite low, which indicates less traffic on the website.

The Website is badly designed, and it has nothing in its own metadata to Increase its presence online. It is difficult for almost any online store to do all their advertising activities in just two months and make their product available for sale.

It has almost no social media presence and contains a limited payment Choice for customers; all the above factors make this type of suspicious website.

What is Creelcate com?

This domain was launched on 22nd march 2021 and had zero popularity up to now.

The product sold on the website belongs to the ornament business and is priced at about $35. The shop offers no reduction, neither is there an incentive for bulk purchases. The product offered is a pendant and drop ornament of different designs and colors.

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The payment choice of PayPal is available for your customer with a The delivery period of 5-15 times is granted on the shipping page of the website.

To locate the solution to Is Creelcate Legit, let’s discuss domain names, pros, and cons in the next section of this article.


· Name of the site: https://creelcate.com/

· Merchandise: Pendant and Fall decoration

· Age of site: 2 month

· Refund period: 30 times

· Shipping period: 5-15 times

· Payment option: PayPal

· Email address: [email protected]

· Telephone number: -LRB-517-RRB- 445-7121

· Have you ever heard about the credit card scam in obligations, do let us know in detail?


· The refund period of 30 days and shipping coverage of delivering the item within 15 days matches the global standard of the e-commerce industry.

· The firm physical address and owner’s name together with contact number is given on-site, which raises the trustworthiness of the online store.

· Is Creelcate Legit review locate the product to be put in such a manner to attract the maximum number of customers.


· The site is ill-designed, and its content is of substandard level in comparison to other websites in the e-commerce industry.

· The Alexa ranking and age of the website sets it in the class of suspicious online shops.

· There are very few payment options available for a client other than PayPal, which only allows credit card payment.

· The website didn’t have any reduction offer for the shoppers, which acts as a disincentive for the buyer to buy a product from the shop.

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What exactly are Creelcate com Reviews?

This online store has the most societal media presence as it has Not opened its own account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Its trust indicator on scam detector.com is 2.6, which puts it in the category of this suspicious website.

Onlinethreatalerts.com is also requesting customers to remain away From this shop since they discovered it to be suspicious. The majority of the websites have negative feedback for this decoration store and have a low trust indicator.

Even though most of their merchandise has a five-star score on creelcate Website, no client inspection was available for reading. On digital platform also customer review was difficult to find.

Final verdict:

After thorough research about The site, Is Creelcate Legit review team believes that clients should stay away from the online shop and do their research before buying anything from this site.

They could purchase decoration and pendants out of the credible Market and wait for more information about this website about the digital platform. If anybody has bought anything in the dubious website, discuss your Expertise in the comment area and provide your opinion about this write-up below.

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