CSGO Vs Valorant: Which One To Choose For Your Esports Debut

When a discussion starts about the legacy of Esports, no matter what players are bound to talk about the massive First person shooting genre that is rocking the entire Esports world. If we talk about esports in FPS games, then the best two games heading towards top amongst all titles are CSGO & Valorant.

Both the games have some similarities because both are team games and need to fight off the opponents defending their territory at the same time. If an FPS game lover plays both the games, it will be difficult for him/her to decide among two. Let’s talk more about the differences one can notice in these two games for a better understanding for players.

Gameplay: A Regular Team Based Shooting Faceoff Vs A Faceoff With Special Agents And Their Abilities

As CSGO has occupied few years in the industry it might happen that few players may have been bored from playing the same kind of matches. Here Valorant makes a move ahead by offering new features in the game like special agents and their unique abilities to kill enemies.

The time players combat to their opponent teams they just not only rely on shooting skills. But also ensure the skills get better with a good combination of skills and characters in the game. For example, one can blind opponents or take a tremendous leap to gain advantage from height.

Players may get many Valorant accounts for sale nowadays as the game is on trend and it is more about strategies considering the agents and its super abilities. When compared to CSGO but on the other hand the gameplay in CSGO is quite traditional. A team must deploy a bomb or protect the bomb from getting the bomb planted and killing opponents.

A Community In Development Vs A Community Under Development

If someone is planning to take gaming seriously, the community of that game plays a very important role and is the reason to decide various factors like:

Teammates and Rivals: If the community is bigger the more it is better. It is always good to play with better and pro players so that one can learn from him/her whether the person is in same team or not.

Expertise: If a player is new in the game, professionals can help to teach them new tips and tactics. This helps making the ratings up and progress in the game at the same time. If a community of a game is incomplete, it is quite impossible to gain success quickly.

Streaming: Players who love streaming and building a base of followers will have to struggle a lot compared to the gaming community. Which is already set and has enough audience to target. In this case both the games have quite big player base and CSGO gained a recent high of 82000 spectators in one of the events on twitch. Valorant on the other hand managed to bag 73000 viewers. The game is new and still working on to attract players.

Real Time Updates Vs Secret Updates And Communications

Players who are serious with the game they are playing and wants to reach better heights prefers to get early news on upcoming changes. If a game developing company mess up the players prefers to get an honest update. But the games Valorant and CSGO are completely different in this case.

Riot games the developer of Valorant always keep the players informed about changes on the social media handles but CSGO developer Valve doesn’t do so. The game Valorant also receives scheduled maintenance and updates before every season on regular basis. But the game CSGO is not particular when it comes to updates. They do update and remove bugs else it would have been difficult for the game to live this many years. But those are less frequent and smaller in size.

Competitive Scenario: The New Emerging Valorant Vs Undefeatable CSGO

For many players it has been a complete dream to play their favorite game and earn money out of it. Players look out for CSGO Prime Accounts and keeps high hours of practice sessions before any Major tournaments. The event attracts millions of viewers and provides one of the biggest prize pools ever in the history of Esports. For example, in 2020 major the prize pool went up to 2 million dollars.

It is difficult for a new game to gather such prize pool and host big tournaments. Getting substantial number of pro teams to be invited for Major tournaments is a big challenge for Valorant. Though the game has smaller tournaments on-going frequently which also gives access to newcomers and opportunity to make a debut. It is difficult for teams to get attention of sponsors winning small events. But a team will have to achieve major titles to do so.

Ranking System: Being A Pro Vs Being A Support For Famous Players

Both the games carry a ranking system and determine a particular skill level for every player. In valorant it shows a true rating which determines how better a player is and high rating will increase the chances of teaming up with famous players or streamers. If by any chance a player matches up with a streamer and he/she performs well then, the player can get free exposure to pro world and gain attention.In CSGO it is slightly different even if a player is sitting in the highest rank that is global elite. It is almost impossible for them to match up with CSGO famous players as the servers are divided by region. Players often use special CSGO Prime account to be on the top and match up with good players in the game.

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