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How To Improve Your Bulletin Board Design And Add A Technological Touch With QR Codes?

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As part of the teacher’s means to diversify their teaching approaches to their students, the use of bulletin boards to store additional learning materials creatively, and as they incorporate this, many educators are now looking for a way to add a technological touch to the bulletin boards they create.

The bulletin board is usually one of the areas that they optimize to boost kids’ enthusiasm to study entertainingly. While bulletin boards are typically used to post information about forthcoming events and other important information, school workers also post additional learning tools such as idea snippets and other information.

Their current use of bulletin boards in every discipline they teach does not ignite a learning relationship with the pupils.

As a result, they’re on the lookout for innovative technology techniques to turn their bare bulletin boards into something more exciting and compelling. By adjoining a QR code generator to their bulletin board designing tools, they can easily add a technological touch to the bulletin boards they put up in their classroom or school hallways.

How To Improve Your Bulletin Board Design And Add A Technological Touch With QR Codes?

As the design is one thing that many teachers stress out when putting together a bulletin board for their learners to admire and get curious about, the functionality of the bulletin board is limited to the physical or offline means. 

With QR codes, they can add a digital touch to their bulletin boards and do not restrict their learners to only relying on the things posted on their bulletin board. 

Link Learners to an Electronic Learning Resource

Teachers can insert an electronic copy of activity sheets and learning resources linked to the bulletin board subjects using QR codes. They can use a PDF QR code to keep their electronic learning materials.

They merely have to tell the kids to go to the bulletin board and scan the QR code to acquire the information they need to know and grasp the courses they wish to learn further.

QR Codes as a Gateway To Your Dynamic Educational Games

The most efficient way to learn science and math ideas is through practice sessions. And one approach for teachers to appropriately introduce students to a real-time strategy that embodies the premise is to use QR codes.

Students may now change a complex topic into a simpler one by just allowing them to scan the code and play the activity to better grasp and absorb the subject. As a result, their learning ability can be improved as they enjoy doing the simulation exercises.

Lead learners to a website where they can learn further about the subject featured on the board

Aside from linking learners to an electronic copy of the activity sheets or learning material about a particular topic featured, teachers can also lead them to an educational website that stores all the featured and related issues on the bulletin board.

Teachers can use educational websites like Khan Academy, Coursera, and more to link learners to additional information and discussion about a particular topic. To create a more diverse QR code design with every website linked on the bulletin board, teachers can incorporate the use of a QR code generator with logo software online. 

Include a QR code that will take you to a video demonstration

QR codes are the appropriate platform to use if you want your pupils to see a video about a vital concept you want them to understand. Convert the video or link into a video QR code, which allows students to scan the code of the lecture they want to learn more about on their bulletin board.


With modernization being introduced faster, the education sector is also advancing its means to provide a better learning experience for current and future learners. 

As they refine their teaching methods and materials, the way teachers design their bulletin boards improves and adds a technological touch with the use of QR codes. 

Using one, they now unlock new means to educate further learners who go through their bulletin boards and learn more about themselves.

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