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Cuelu Reviews Is Cuelu Legal?

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Are you a believer in ancient treatments? Do you want to try new ways of improving your skin? You may have come across Cuelu, a website that offers such tools. However, you are unsure if it is genuine.

This portal raised suspicions about Is Cuelu a Scam among many online buyers from countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia. This article will provide complete details about the legality and legitimacy of this website.

Is Cuelu Legal?

To answer any questions regarding the legitimacy of the site, please read the following facts.

  • Website Age –extremely recently, few days to be exact.
  • Website Trust Score1% This falls under the category “Very Poor Trust Score”.
  • No Owner or Contact Information – There is no owner information, contact number or address. This is relevant to Cuelu Review.
  • Customer Reviews All reviews are 5-star and appear to be biased. Some reviews date back before the portal was created.
  • No Social Media Linking Available – This website is not linked to any social media platforms.
  • Unauthentic Policy Terms – The policy content was copied from another source because it includes words like “Insert” and “Add”, that the developers of this website forgot to include while pasting.
  • Malware Found – A harmful virus was found to have been used on this site, according to our Internet research.

Continue reading for more information about the authenticity of this portal and to submit your query Is cuelu a scam.

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What is Cuelu?

Cuelu, an online e-commerce site that sells skin care products, is based on an old Chinese treatment called Gua Sha. This treatment involves scraping the skin with stone-like tools to improve the appearance. Cuelu sells the Gua Sha facial lift tool and the de-puffing face roller.

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  • Portal Type- An e-commerce platform that sells products based on traditional medical therapies.
  • Portal Address –https://cuelu.com/
  • Email Ids –[email protected] [email protected]
  • Contact Information –absent will assist you in deciding Is cuelu a scam
  • Sort by Option –available
  • Filter by Option –unavailable
  • Product Prices – default in USD, but can be modified to CAD, INR or GBP, AUD and EUR.
  • Terms & Conditions –mentioned
  • Privacy Policy –mentioned
  • Payment Policy –not Mentioned
  • Payment Methods:via Visa, Master Debit, and Credit Cards
  • Return Policy –within 30 Days of Delivery Date, with restocking fees of $10


This portal has no positive attributes, but it does contain some information about the use of stones for skin treatment in the “Guidebook” section.


Shopping from this portal has many drawbacks, confirming the suspicion Is Cuelu a Scam. The following is a list of similar items:

  • Two products can be purchased at the same price.
  • The discount will nullify the total cost of the product. Shipping charges will still be charged.
  • The return policy states that certain items, such as flowers or flammable liquids, cannot be returned. However, they don’t deal with these products.
  • It is noted at the bottom of this webpage that no copyright has been granted.
  • It is also risky to trust this portal due to its low trust score and lower age.
  • It appears that the before-after images used in product reviews have been edited.
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Learn more aboutCuelu Reviews

Quora and Trustpilot, Reddit, Amazon, Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora have not made any comments about Cuelu. This demonstrates its inpopularity and lack of reliability on the internet market.

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All the information we have gathered makes it clear that this website is not safe. You should not order products through this portal. Credit card fraudulence can result. We hope this article can help you answer the question Is cuelu a scam.

Are you satisfied with the review? Would you like to know more about this site? Comment below.

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