Current Australian Gambling Laws

It is no secret that Australia is a country where gambling has a wide vocation among the general population. The vast majority of citizens play casinos consistently at least once a week as entertainment. Against this backdrop, the country has seen the emergence of certain regulators of this activity. 

There are a number of laws that regulate the field of gambling in the country. In the realm of online casino, it’s a bit more complicated. In 2001, a law called the Interactive Gambling Act came out. It completely prohibits offering and advertising gambling to Australians. But the situation is a little better than it may seem. 

But How Do Players Gamble?

Despite the fact that the state actively regulates the sphere of gambling in the country. Players actively use the services of online casinos — for example, Red Dog. The fact is that the law does not prohibit their use, it refuses only to offer them. Moreover, moreover, Australian providers can offer their services to people who are outside Australia. Therefore, using foreign online casinos is entirely legal in the country. 

However, the situation is that about 80 percent of all Australians gamble regularly. This includes minors. This makes the casino issue an issue that affects hundreds of thousands of Australians. They face the issue of addiction, the prevalence of gambling among teenagers, getting caught by cheaters, losing large sums, and so on.

What Should be Done About Internet Gambling

Considering that some 300,000 Australians suffer from gambling, including Internet gambling, there are several important measures to be possibly taken in the future. 

Money Restrictions

First of all, it is necessary to change the financial system. The fact is that the amount of money that people can invest in online casinos is unlimited. Moreover, with the advent of cryptocurrency as a method of payment, the state cannot control financial operations in the sphere of online gambling at all. 

In a situation where many Australians suffer from addiction, the state simply needs to take action in regulating deposits, and even possibly conclusions. For example, to set certain limits on the number of deposits and withdrawals per month. All transactions that exceed it are subject to taxation.

Child Control

One of the points of responsible gambling is to keep children and teenagers out. According to the law, online casinos are only available from the age of 18.

For this reason, it is worth changing the conditions of foreign online casinos in Australia. It would be better if each brand would require compulsory verification of the account with documents, which confirm the identity of the player. Including the managers are obliged to check whether the player is 18 years old. Like Red Dog Casino does. In the case of their gaffe, fines should be imposed. This will help prevent the young population from participating in online gambling. 

Fighting Fraud 

When using an online casino, players can run into scammers. Their goal is simply to take your funds without the possibility of winning. Thus, players are cheated without realizing it. Often, such scammers use various profitable casino bonuses, which attract. 

When choosing an online casino, players must pay attention to the security aspect. There are a number of structures that check brands and regulate their activities. For example, it is Curacao or Malta Gaming Authority. It might be useful to create the same center in Australia, which will check the gambling brands that offer their services in the country. At the very least, this would reduce useless waste on the part of the general public. 

Creation of Native Online Casinos

It can be assumed that the creation of their own domestic brands of online casinos, can solve the problem of not only fraud but also the regulation of public addiction games.

The creation of good and quality brands that offer excellent conditions can replace foreign casinos. This is a bit of a contradiction to existing law. However, it can solve a number of problems. First of all, the state will not lose the funds that people invest in foreign companies. Also, it will be able to regulate and control the activity of the population in this area. Another point is the introduction of additional taxation. However, it is important to achieve a balance and people wanted to use the Australian brand.


In conclusion, it is worth saying that online gambling in Australia needs to change. And this can be seen in the indicators. Indeed, more than 300,000 people are vulnerable to gambling, and the total number of online casino participants is growing daily. 

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