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Dating Older Men – Advantages and Disadvantages

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From sugar daddies to sponsors and their sugar babies and sponsees, the dating world is accommodating to all and sundry. This is not to say that different sexual orientations and relationships are to be frowned upon. The exact opposite is true. Finding love in unfamiliar places, along with different gender specifications and relationship requirements is now much easier.

The Knight in Shining Armor

The days of hoping for a charming prince are almost gone and forgotten. Ladies seek older men for several reasons. The main reason undoubtedly centers on young men being irresponsible and unserious. If you are a young man dating German women you might disagree with this notion. Chances are that older women treat you as well as older men treat younger women. Either way, finding and dating German women or men are much easier today.

This all begs the question; why is dating older gents astoundingly more popular today than ever – and what are the pros and cons?

Reasons – Pros

1. Maturity

Older men know what they want when they want it, and how they would like to receive it. If you date older men, the chances of missed signals are very low. With older men, you get what you ask for and reciprocate. Older men have played enough games and experienced heartbreak from enough ladies too. Some may have undergone a divorce or are estranged and need to let off steam – and enjoy sex. These reasons are laid out on the table and older men won’t have time to beat around the bush. If a lady can’t offer him what he seeks, he will move on.

2. Stability

Older gentlemen have worked for decades and now need to enjoy the few years left of their lives. This means they have enough money to spoil those around them including themselves. It also means you won’t have to beg for gifts or a mere lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant. Chances of older dudes being stingy are low too because as mentioned earlier, they can spoil whoever is around them.

This stability brews one more serious trait of older men that is extremely attractive; confidence.

3. Confidence

All women love a confident man and mature guys exude confidence to the t. This confidence stems from years of hard work, securing finances, going through hardships with wives and girlfriends, and true self-development. You won’t have to worry about a self-pitying male while dating older men. Similar to those dating German women of older age, there will be less lamenting or complaining and more lovemaking and shopping.


1. Demanding

Their demands translate to physical as well as emotional demands. It means the older gentleman will need you to mature quickly and possibly overnight. If you are still into clubbing and watching lame movies, it has to change or you lose him forever. They might also have gone through tough emotional times with their exes. Once you meet these older gents there will be a great demand to fill larger shoes with great emotional intelligence.

2. Stigmas

This is a problem among the friends you keep, family, and total strangers. It is no secret what society thinks of younger women dating older guys. Similar to young fellows dating German women of mature age, you will receive stares left, right, and center. These stares might not be consequential but they can be a hindrance to relationships. Worse yet would be his family members looking at you as some sort of trophy girlfriend or gold digger if you will.

Bottom Line

Whatever the reason for you picking older gents or dating German women, there are repercussions to all choices made. Whether you hope for exotic women, mature males, same-sex unions, or more you should know what relationships entail. Finding and dating German women is a plus and can be facilitated easily online. Register today and begin browsing their personals immediately. 

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