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Spring Time Vodka Drinks That Are Perfect for Your Next Picnic

Vodka is one of the versatile drinks for most alcoholic drink lovers – we’ve all got a bottle of vodka in the cupboard because it can do so much.. Most home bars too have a good stock of this odourless and tasteless drink. But the right recipes will certainly be refreshing.

Below are the most delectable vodka drink recipes for the spring season. Find the simplest recipes that have won the heart of vodka lovers.

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan:

Pomegranate juice with vodka is a delectable drink you can enjoy in spring. Use a syrupy perfume to offset the unsweetened juice of pomegranate. Blend 3 oz of vodka with 2 oz of pomegranate juice to prepare this drink.

Vodka Soda:

If you like to stick to low-calorie food and drink, this vodka soda recipe will cheer up your mood. Simply add Grey Goose and soda water to brew your drink. Grey Goose is a reputable vodka brand known for producing a more sophisticated version of the classic vodka.  Club soda needs to be mixed with your favourite branded vodka. Use a piece of lime to garnish your alcoholic drink. Although it is a simple cocktail, its taste will give you the best feeling.

Vodka Gimlet:

If you want a lime-flavoured sour cocktail, vodka gimlet is the right choice. With the base spirit, you have to add some sugar and lime juice. Choose gin as the spirit to make your recipe, if preferred. Use a shaker to shake the ingredients like:

  • Vodka (2 ounces)
  • Syrup
  • Lime juice

Pour it into a chilled cocktail glass and start straining it. Use a lime wheel for garnishing purposes.

Pear Martini:

Pear vodka and ripe pear are the main ingredients of the recipe. You may also add syrup and lemon juice. Enjoy chilled drinks by adding ice. It is easy to prepare pear vodka with a muddler and a cocktail shaker. Add the pieces of pear to your cocktail shaker. Muddle them together until you get the juice. Shake the blend of:

  • Pear vodka
  • Syrup
  • Lemon sap

Add some ice cubes and shake it for a few seconds. 

Cranberry Mule:

Vodka is a common ingredient for both the traditional and cranberry mules. The combination of lime zest syrup and cranberry adds sweetness to the drink. You may also mix it well with citrus oils and a small amount of ginger beer. Enjoy this cocktail at any event. Use frozen or fresh cranberries for the recipe.

Cucumber Salty Dog:

You might have not thought of adding salt to your cocktail. However, do not get fooled by the recipe’s name. Cucumber Salty Dog is a flavourful vodka cocktail drink containing:

  • Grapefruit juice
  • Vodka
  • Cucumber

A salt rim is also added to it to maintain the cucumber’s freshness.


Some people like to sip only pure vodka. However, if you desire a more flavourful drink, the vodka cocktail recipes will give you the best experience. You may choose any of these drinks for your next party. Twist the recipes to show your creativity. It is easy to prepare these cocktails at your home!

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