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GPS Trackers for Equipment Tracking

GPS equipment tracking is the best solution for those who want to keep track of expensive heavy equipment. Your construction equipment is safe with equipment tracking. Get a new GPS tracker for your equipment. But first, let us quench our exploratory thirst for equipment trackers.

What is GPS Tracking for Equipment and how does it work?

Also known as Asset or equipment tracker—GPS Equipment Trackers are tracking devices that you attach with your precious onsite heavy and low duty equipment. This marvelous device is most used by construction companies who live under the fear of their equipment being stolen.

And the fear can be justified because the construction equipment they have is way more expensive than we can think of.

Operating an equipment tracker is easier. Simply attach or hide the GPS device with the equipment, and it will send signals to the satellite, and you will receive the location of your equipment.

Here is why you should buy GPS trackers for your equipment

There can be several uses of the Equipment trackers, here are some of the best ones:

●       Construction Equipment – The accessories, tools, and equipment used at construction sites are amongst the expensive ones. Since, the equipment can be sold at soaring prices, thieves tend to have their hands by any means necessary. For this, GPS equipment trackers are preferred.

●       Moveable Assets – Assets that are not part of any structure or building are known as ‘Moveable Assets.’ These assets include equipment, artwork, mechanical instruments, tools, jewelry etc.

●       Real-Time Monitoring – Once you have installed the equipment tracker, you can sit back, relax, and monitor your equipment’s position status. Today, GPS trackers have 95% of accuracy that it notifies the receiver even if equipment moves by inches.

●       Increased Profits – Construction companies are facing global challenges these days—with labor shortages, high tariffs, and equipment with heavy price tags. Getting GPS trackers for equipment reduces labor costs that you might have needed before to monitor assets. Its user-friendly control panel allows construction managers to use their assets more competently. Thus, it decreases capital costs and increases profits.

GPS Equipment Tracking for Construction

Managing equipment at construction sites has never been easy—but today it is. You can monitor your expensive machinery and equipment by simply installing an equipment tracker on it. You can also track construction vehicles like:

●       Mixers

●       Bulldozers

●       Excavators

●       Backhoes

●       Scrapers

●       Cranes

●       Graders

●       Pavers

●       Trenchers

Benefits of GPS Equipment Trackers

Equipment trackers build a strong connection between the field and the office. Apart from thefts, construction companies use these trackers to monitor asset’s daily work-routine. Here are top five benefits of Equipment Trackers:

1)  Efficient – Easy to use, low-cost, and portable—keeping track of the equipment and workers has lessened functional worry for the construction managers.

2)  Productivity – Asset tracking maximizes the tangible asset operations. Moveable equipment that is used for daily work can now record time, distance, and efficiency in offsite cases.

3)  Automation – GPS equipment trackers are self-operating devices. Once you have set up the device, it will send equipment details with real-time distance, time, ETA and mapped coordinates.

4)  Cost-effective – You could not be more wrong if you think equipment trackers for assets are expensive—it’s not. In fact, the cheapest GPS equipment tracker is available in the market for as low as $29.

5)  Multi-feature – Equipment tracking comes with many remarkable features. Some of them are universal connectivity, rugged & waterproof, impact detection, easy to install & use, anti-theft recovery, user-friendly configuration, and advanced geofencing.

One of the best applications for Equipment tracking is geofencing. With geofencing GPS, you create a virtual boundary for your equipment. This allows the equipment to be moved and worked within the boundary and as soon as it crosses the geofencing limit, you will receive an alert on your GPS app or system.

GPS tracking for Heavy Equipment

Take control of your heavy-duty trucks and equipment by keeping an eye on its movement with equipment tracking. Light equipment can also have trackers, but it increases productivity costs as workers spend more time on heavy equipment than on light ones. But it is the pricing and necessity that matters here, not the size of these equipment.

Future of GPS Equipment Trackers

From tracking heavy equipment, on-and-off road vehicles & trucks, tangible assets to any other equipment, equipment tracking has now become a must-have for construction companies. With more advancements, these equipment trackers can reduce labor cost and provide accurate work consistency in construction sites—and fulfil any other business needs.

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