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How did Gilberto die?

Astrud, the popular Brazilian singer, has died. She died on June 5, 2023. Many people are trying find out what caused her death. The cause of her death hasn’t been revealed yet. Her death is now widely discussed, and many people want to learn more about her. She spoke several languages fluently, which made her a successful songwriter. She died in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania in the United States. She had millions of fans, and was recognized internationally in the 1960s by her song Girl From Ipanema.

About Astrud Gilberto

Astrud Evangelina Wineert was christened on March 29, 40. Astrud Gilberto was her professional name. She was known as a Brazilian bossa nova and samba singer. She was also an accomplished songwriter. She was born in Bahia, Brazil to a Brazilian father and a German mother. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro. She was fluent in several languages, as her father was a professor of language. She married Joao Gilberto, a Portuguese man in 1959. Together, they had a child. Joao Marcelo is the name of their son, who became a musician just like his mother.

Causes of Death

Astrud Gilberto’s death is not known for certain. She died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. Astrud’s son Gregory Lasorsa has confirmed her death, but the cause of death is not known. Gregory is the son of Astrud’s second marriage, after Joao divorced her in the mid-1960s. Joao separated from Astrud after he had an affair. She began dating jazz saxophonist Stan Getz. Today ,millions are paying tribute to her.

The Personal and Professional Life Of Astrud

Astrud was paid less and he became abusive during the tortuous Getz tour. Astrud was later released from the contract by her lawyer. In 1963, she moved to the United States and began living there. She sang several songs on the albums including Getz/Gilberto featuring Joao Gilberto and Stan. She had already recorded professionally before, but it was not her first. Her mother was a musician and she grew up with a musical environment. She sang in Brazil regularly. The Astrud Gilberto Wikipedia includes a lot of information.

Astrud was also nominated for the Grammy for best vocal performance and Song of the Year. Her contribution to music is remembered by many. Gilberto appeared in several films including Get Yourself a College Girl, The Hanged Man and Get Yourself a College Girl.


Astrud Gilberto is remembered and people try to find out the cause of death. The family is also receiving condolences from the public. For more information about please click the link

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