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Defi 100 Scam Latest News Defi 100 Coin Scam

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As a report has it, crypto project, DeFi100, has Informed its investors that it has tricked them.

According to a pseudonymous crypto enthusiast,

Left with a message”We cheated you men, and you can’t do shit about it”, which implies that the action was nicely intended from the start. Currently, the DeFi100 site, defi100.org, is down.

Mr. Whale tweeted, “BREAKING: DeFi100 coin Exit scams, and runs away with $32 million in investors funds. Website is updated with the message”We scammed you guys, and you can’t do shit about it”

Mr. Whale farther told his teeming followers to expect more Of such episodes in the forthcoming days:

“REMINDER: As The bull market fades, many projects will too! Expect a massive growth in exit scams within the next couple months. Never invest in jobs which are very new, with anonymous teams, made as memes, and have a lack of real utility. Stay safe everyone!”

The Most Recent exit scam follows Reports of two Turkish crypto exchanges supposedly doing an exit scam. The First one, known as Thodex saw roughly 62 people arrested by local authorities, Under accusations of defrauding its clients of $2 billion worth of digital currency.

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